Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Multitude of His Tender Mercies

Hello all!! :)

Oh how I love you:) I have heard great things about those in Nebraska over the last couple of weeks. I know y'all are doing incredible things!!

These last 2 weeks have been INSANE.

We've picked up another friend from the airport! Yup, Brad is home!

And I've been through the temple to see 2 of my cousins receive their endowment. That was the greatest day! My cousin got called to Nashville Tennessee :)

Had a super hilarious Valentine's Day experience! I was babysitting my niece and nephew the night before Valentine's Day. We decided to order a small papa johns pizza to share. The whole week of valentines, I had been handing out just the cute valentine cards that you get at Walmart to friends and strangers that I met, so I decided to give one to the pizza delivery person when then came. He acted really surprised and it made him smile a little brighter, so that was cool! We went on with our night, when my brother and sister-in-law got home, they said they had found flowers on the porch for me. FROM THE PIZZA GUY! Hahaha it was so funny. So needless to say I have a new friend! We went to nickelcade last night- wow has that place gone down-hill...
Anyway, my testimony got warmer that night of the tender mercies of the Lord when we try to reach out to others.

Had more tender mercies this week!! I cannot express how much I KNOW the Lord is aware of us and our situations.
I went to a 7am institute class on a day this last week. It was a good class, and then I headed to work after. I got to work pretty early, so I decided to wait a little longer in the parking lot and read some scriptures while I was there. I read for about 20 minutes then went into work. I went to go get the mail, when a familiar car parked RIGHT in front of my path! It was a friend I knew that I hadn't talked to since I got home. So we were able to catch up. And WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT??? at 8:30 on a Friday morning in the middle of Layton. And we're both from way out west. And they happened to be going to a random store RIGHT next to my brothers office. There are no coincidences. If I hadn't have taken the time right then to read scriptures, we never would have ran into each other.

Heavenly Father knows. Follow the spirit. Sometimes you follow the spirit without even realizing it. I promise that if you stick to the mission rules, and doing those things that will strengthen your faith, you won't need to worry about following the spirit, because it will come naturally. It will be a part of who you are.

I heard some news this week about some investigators and less-actives that I worked with. One of them dearly passed away this last week. How grateful I am for the plan of salvation and that we have the opportunity to share it with others. We can be there for others to help and comfort them. Following the plan of our Father in Heaven is ALWAYS a win win situation. We are blessed for helping others, and they receive help from us and we both receive feelings of peace and joy. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to know Nancy.

I'm so grateful for the positive influences that I have around me. And for your examples and all that you continue to do each day. Be positive!! BE HAPPY!!!- Sister Tourtillott and I's theme, I feel! I can't express how much it is YOUR decision to change, and yours alone. Let your mission change you. And use this time to face every fear you've ever had. You're stronger than you realize.
As president told me before I left. "Always remember that Satan has been given power to tempt you. God gave Him that power. But our Father in Heaven has GREATER power."
You can, WITH HIM, overcome anything. Don't sell yourself short. You are a child of GOD. An heir to the throne of Heaven. And so are your less-actives and investigators.

Keep going! And don't ever give yourself the option to give up. You gain the most muscle and strength, from UPHILL climbs.


Monday, February 9, 2015

There is sunshine in my soul today:)

Hello my dear sweet missionaries!:)
I hope your week has been fantastic! God is GOOD and He loves you and is SOOO proud of you and all the sacrifices you have and are continuing to make each and every day! 

Life is good in the 801! Adjusting is getting more and more as the days go on. It was good to take some time to catch up with everyone, and I feel like this week is the start of getting everything REALLY back on track. It's still weird though.. I'm going to start meeting with this RM council thing next week. It's a group of RM's that get out and go visit people and go help teach mission prep classes and whatnot. I'm excited:)

Work is going well! I'm really casual and super fun! I'm the office manager for my brothers company and I do all sorts of random jobs.

The YSA is great! I met the Elders this last week at FHE. One of them, Elder Simpson is from North Platte, NE so that was sweet!! And I'm now friends with their investigator named JJ. JJ is sweet!!! He has a little boy and he started meeting with the missionaries because his son was really sick. His girlfriend is a less-active member, and some men from the church came over to visit her and offered to give their baby a blessing. So JJ witnessed the blessing and he said he just totally knew it was right, and that these people were completely dedicated to what they believed and he wanted that. His whole family is catholic, so he says it's REALLY hard because he has no support. But we've all become great friends with him and he's getting baptized in March. Yay!!!!! I love being a member missionary:):)

This last weekend was WAY fun!!! I took a couple of days and went up to Logan to be with (Sister) Ashley Curfew, mission friend! And it was so fun to be with her again. We basically re-lived the mission days, and it was SO great! We went to go see the Coleman's and I even backed her out of the driveway. Haha #dork:) we ended up going on a night hike. We were supposed to have a bonfire, but we couldn't find the campground. So the group of our car said a prayer that we would find it, and after a few more minutes we did! :) yay!! Heavenly Father answers prayers. 

We went to the temple too and it was the best!! Then later, I ended up running into one of my past roommates who was a big reason that I wanted to go on a mission because she is baptist and it was a total answer to prayer! #miracles!! 

It was my nephews baby blessing on Sunday, so it was so great to see the whole fam again:)

And church was wonderful!! I learned a lot. 
We talked a lot about one of my favorite talks: Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence. I love it so much! We need to choose to be confident and just make that decision in our heads and TRUST God. 
One of my favorite scriptures "many are called but few are chosen" WE CHOOSE to be chosen. WE CHOOSE how much we want to communicate with God and I know that the more we communicate with him, the better understanding we will have of His plan for us. 
We watched a video from Elder Bednar where he talked about personal revelation. He said it doesn't come like the flip of a light switch. It comes like a sunrise and often on a really foggy day. Sometimes only enough light comes that we can see only a few steps in front of us, but then we TAKE those steps and we can see a few more. We won't always see the path clearly, but Heavenly Father gives us enough to have the courage to move forward. The thing is, is that we have to keep moving. 
Oh boy have I felt that! It may seem like others receive their inspiration like the flip of a light switch. But probably more than not, it's like a sunrise on a foggy day. You aren't alone! 

It's interesting as I spent time around freshman at USU this weekend, that all most of them would ever talk about is school or dating. Haha and Curfew and I were taking about how grateful we were to serve missions and realize that there is SO much more to talk about and enjoy than just school, and dating..... Always keep up gospel conversations with people!! Because those are the most satisfying:) 

I had so many prayers answered this last week that I didn't even realize I was praying. I've realized some gifts I've been given and tried to use them to their fullest. I'm totally buying an RM planner because it's just so hard to keep track of life without them.. Hah, other planners just don't do justice!   

Anyway, It's been a great week and I hope y'all know that you're always in my prayers. Thank you for your emails and stories, they keep me going:) mission life is so much easier than real life, believe it or not, so enjoy it! And love every single one of your companions, because I miss mine SO MUCH!! 

Have a happy Valentines week!!!!! Buy all your investigators and LARCS some valentine cards:) 

I love my Savior and am so grateful for his forgiveness and patience with us. He knows how much we try. And he is pleased every time we try. I know he would stand before you today and just tell you "thank you" for all you do each day. Keep going:) 

Megan Checketts

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hello My Dear Missionaries!!

Hello there:)
I hope your week has been fantastic and FULL of miracles!!! They have not ceased, that's for sure! So keep on believing!!! 

This week has been really good for me! It's gone a lot more smooth than last week. Finally got caught up on sleep, and I am finally on a more-regular eating schedule.. haha adjusting just takes time:) 

It's been really great this week to get back to a schedule, arrange my study time, and catch up with everyone.

I actually started driving my dear bug again! That took some getting used to! She's fun.
I got a job this week too! Lucky me that I got one so soon, Heavenly Father truly blessed me on this one. It's the greatest job ever. I'm working for my brothers company at Bear Paw Products and I am the office manager! So I get to do EVERYTHING in the books. Working on spreadsheet, running to grab all the guys food, cleaning the office, organizing papers, pretty much everything that the guys don't have time to do. It's fun:) This last week, I BOUGHT CARPET…. haha random odd jobs :) it's fun!

This week seems like it's been FOREVER. I've gotten a lot done. I reported to the high council this morning about my mission, and so now all the calls to speak in sacrament are on their way! I'm excited:) 

Went to the Jazz game this last Monday with my dearies from Kearney who came to visit me, and this week, 2 more of my dear friends- Miquelle and Corey, from Kearney are in town, so I get to see more mission friends!! It's the best keeping in contact with people:)

Went to the temple twice this week… Ahhhhh the Ogden Temple is seriously the most beautiful thing I've seen since I've been back. It's incredible, and THE PARKING LOT TO THE TEMPLE IS ALWAYS PACKED!!! It was like a culture shock witnessing that. I got so excited:) 

Had my first date this week… #weird! All I can say is, good thing it was a double! haha:) 

Went to the YSA for the first time this last week. Not the same as my dear Kearney YSA, but it was fun:) 

Even had some missionary experiences this week! Trying to get my less-active friends to come to institute and whatnot. No such success yet, but that doesn't mean I'll give up:) Sometimes all you can do in the moment is just be their friend, and make sure they know you care, and that they are always welcome.

I have to say, emailing from this side of the "missionary line" is a lot less exciting.. hah. It seems like my life isn't as exciting as yours:) But that's okay! There is a time and season for everything. And I am so blessed to have witnessed Heavenly Father place everything right out in front of me this last week. It has all fallen into place. He truly does have a plan for us! 

I read Elder Godoy's talk from this last conference this last week, "God has a plan" and it truly helped me with a lot. 
The people that you are working with right now have decisions that they are making every day. And decisions determine our destiny. We need to be the light to them so that they can witness for themselves that there is a such thing as "good, better, and best" Many people THINK they have the best out there, but they just need to recognize what they are missing. You are that light to them, share it with your smile! Have Christ's image engraved on your countenance. 

I also read this last 2015 CES devotional this week that talked all about how we need to do everything right, for the right reasons.   Especially as a return missionary, it's easy to just keep doing studies because we know that is what we're supposed to do, but you have to make sure you're asking the "WHY'S" of life… "WHY am I really doing this??" We have to do them for the right reasons-- Then the true blessings will come.

God is good, He answers prayers, and He DOES have a plan-- for every single one of you, and for every single one of those you are teaching Pray to Him and figure out what His plan for them is, then help them to see and recognize that plan too. 

HE LOVES YOU, and the best way to live our lives, is to follow His plan. Let the spirit guide your decisions and surrender yourself to him. Give all our desires up, and let Him take over. Things WILL fall into place!

I'm so proud of you!! And all the work you are doing. NO EFFORT IS EVER WASTED!!!!!! I promise, you will get news throughout the rest of your life about those you are working with, and the LITTLE experience you may have now, will create a BIG difference in the end. It's true.

And of that I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do for you-- if you need anything. If you would like a letter or package, or anything of that sort, and then consider it done! 
You mean a lot to those at your home, and throughout the world. There is NO greater work than what you are doing right now. Let me know of some of your favorite experiences, and of who I can pray for. 
We'll move this work forward together!!

Love you tons!! - Megan Checketts