Fellow Sisters

These are some beautiful sisters that I have already met that are serving in Omaha with me!:)

Sister Jocelyn Wrubell (enters the MTC with me on July 10th)
Sister Amanda Peterson (enters the MTC with me on July 10th)
Sister Brittany Hanks

I have some wonderful friends that are serving missions as well! These are their blogs.

Sister Eliza Barney (best friend, ever!!) Manchester, England
Sister Celeste Jenkins (beautiful co-worker at Maurices) Jackson, Mississippi
Sister Lia Christensen (my college roommate) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sister Jamie Spackman (friend from high school) Chicago, Illinois
Sister Jordie Jones (my madrigal sister from high school!) Knoxville, Tennessee
Sister Shannah Thorne (friend from high school) Louisville, Kentucky
Sister Kellie Bonner (college friend) Houston, Texas
Sister Teigan Beck (college friend) California, Riverside

I don't know THESE girls personally, but here are some wonderful missionary blogs that I follow:

Sister Esplin Tacoma, Washington
Sister Silva Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sister Diederich Berlin, Germany
Sister Wood Charleston, West Virginia
Sister Connor Milan, Italy

I know that the title of this page is fellow SISTERS, but we've gotta give the men a shout out too ;) Especially the ones that are cool enough to have blogs!

Elder Brock Minson (friend from high school) Philippines, Bacolod
Elder Michael Russel (friend from high school) Houston, Texas
Elder Garrett Zaugg (friend from school) Sierra Leone, Freetown

Now she isn't a full time missionary. But this is my sister-in-laws blog.
She was diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumor (stage II cancer) and she is such an inspiration to me.
Read if you're interested. I love her more than words express.
Me and My Tumor: Kelly Checketts

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