I have been called to labor in the Omaha, Nebraska mission!
And I've been starting to do some research:

-Omaha is the 42nd largest city in the U.S.

-The Missouri river runs right through Omaha

-Nebraska is known for their sunsets. And I'm a SUCKER for a good sunset <3 <3

-College World Series for football is held annually in Omaha (Sports are pretty big! So wish me luck on getting appointments scheduled on Saturday's ;))
-Cornhuskers have had 11 undefeated football seasons
-Nebraska has the Nation's best winning percentage since 1960

-Henry Doorly Zoo!! - one of the most premier zoos in the world! It holds inside, the worlds largest indoor swamp, largest indoor rainforest, and largest indoor dessert. Thank goodness for P-days!

-Kool-Aid was invented in Omaha! Heck-to-the-YES!

-Crime rate is extremely low! ;) relief!

-The state insect is the honeybee! -I guess I just can't get away from those beehives!

-Theatre and playwright is big in Nebraska as well.

-Thurl Ravenscroft, (Who is the voice of Kellogg's Tony the Tiger) lives in Nebraska!

-Hebron, Nebraska holds the world's largest porch swing. It can sit 25 adults.
This is the best thing I have ever heard... :)

-The inventor of the strobe light was born in Nebraska. Party Hardy!!

-Warren Buffet, the 3rd richest person in the world, lives in Omaha. Hmmmm I'll be heading to his house!

-Spam is produced in Nebraska
-McDonalds McRib was invented here too..
-As well as TV dinners...
 let's hope I eat better than that. :/

-Music... oh music! <3 Nebraska is big into their rhythm and blues and they love their music! Mannheim Steamroller and 311 were started in Nebraska

-The Goldenrod is the state flower- maybe the people can stick to the IRON rod! ;)

-And WINTER QUARTERS!!! Winter Quarters is in Nebraska. This is where our lovely pioneers (about 2,500 of them) waited in 1847 during the bitter cold until conditions got better to where they could carry on their journey.
There were around 359 deaths that occurred here. These people are now burried in the Mormon Pioneer Cemetery that is here near Winter Quarters.
I will most likely have the wonderful opportunity to serve here, or visit here. Church history, hallelujah! :) The Winter Quarters temple is absolutely gorgeous!


I'm SOOO excited to be living in this wonderful, beautiful place for 18 months:)
I'm going to love it:)

Hurrah for Israel!!

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