Monday, July 28, 2014


^^^ aint that pleasant?? hah... it's the truth, and I often sometimes forget how REAL he is, until he starts to grab hold and I gotta shake him off again. The hardest thing is watching others that get in his hold real deep thought and have a hard time shaking him off....
Ignore that last email.... I got a little carried away with buttons and it sent on accident. So here goes try #2
Hello everyone!
First off, I want to give a SHOUT OUT to the  youth of the Clinton 12th Ward-- my favorite ward EVER. I love you guys so much!!!! Keep pushing through all that your doing!!! I hope you had a great time at Trek last week. THE PIONEERS ARE INCREDIBLE!! Do your family history. I am so blessed to be serving RIGHT where the pioneers walked and I have found that many of my ancestors were the pioneers that traveled through RIGHT here. Keep staying active in the gospel. Read your scriptures!!! AND GO TO SEMINARY!!!!!!
Yikes.. I usually type out the big email first, but I got a little caught up talking to all ya'll in my emails, so this might be a tad shorter...we'll see.
Wow.. this week has been so crazy.
First of, one our bestest friends in the family ward, who is still single, Jose, had a girlfriend now!!! We have been with him through thick and thin and he has been through SO MUCH in his life. It is amazing to see him SO HAPPY and now his super amazing girlfriend is taking the lessons:) We went to help her move out of her old house into a new apartment this last week and we are just so happy for him. GO JOSE. He is proof that even when you get the WORST situations EVER thrown at you (he's been a jail a couple times in the last 2 months) That there IS a happy ending and there CAN BE if you work for it. He's amazing. My homeboy!
Muasau and I are rappers... that's right! We've memorized the first minute and a half of the "Rapstoration" (look it up on youtube) it's the greatest thing ever.
We had another lesson with Ruben this week. One of our amazing members -Jake came with us to meet with him (Jake is a news anchor on NTV) and he pretty much taught the whole plan of salvation to Ruben. He loved it!!! Ruben is progressing well! His parents aren't too happy with him learning, but he's still coming and he's reading the Book of Mormon. He's having a hard time wanting to come to church though because his ex-girlfriend who introduced him to us.. is... well... his ex... haha So we'll figure it out. He went in for surgery a few days ago though, so It might be a while till we get to see him again.
Shai-- our OTHER famous member, performed at the county fair here in town and we got to go watch her! She introduced us to her friend Liza, who for one of her summer papers wrote an essay on Mormons because Shai gave her that suggestion and she did it! So through researching the church for her paper, she has become interested in learning and we were able to teach her about the Book of Mormon this week. She'll be moving in with Shai when school starts soon, so we'll get to start seeing her more <3
ALL our solid investigators are coming from the refurrals our members are giving us. It takes time for their friends to warm up to us, but ones we establish that friendship, it is SO EASY and FUN teaching them the lessons. THIS is how missionary work is!! So remember all ya'll back home.. MEMBERS are the full-time finders, and MISSIONARIES are the full-time teachers. INTRODUCE YOUR FRIENDS TO THE MISSIONARIES IN YOUR HOMETOWN!!! It is sooo easy and simple and I promise us missionaries won't bite:)
It was one of our favorite family's in the family ward's husbands birthday this last week! So we offered to make the cake for his big partay. He loves the broncos.. so I tested my cake decorating skills... hahah it was a REALLY SAD cake... but it tasted good, so YAY! Muasau is teaching me how to cook/bake. Poor her:) hahah
SURPISE!!! I got to see my brother and sister-in-law and niece this last week!! What missionary gets to say that??? Uhhh... like NOT MANY!!! They spent the night in Kearney as they are moving to Georgia and we got to see them for a quick visit. I LOVE FAMILY!!! And It's great to get the happy updates from home! My poor niece is scared of me though... haha but that will change when I smother her with my love when I get home:):) I was surprisingly not really distracted or homesick from seeing them, so that was GOOD!!! I know I am where I am supposed to be, and nothing can take my mind from that. I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!! It seriously changes lives every day.
Got some HARD news this week though... the hardest thing about missionary work is seeing those you come to love, make choices that you can't control that you know will not be good for them.... Holy Cow. This branch is SMALL and we found out last night that many of our active members are struggling a lot!! They aren't making the best choices and those of us who are noticing it, don't know what to do to help them. And our investigators are witnessing it and are getting super confused as to what to do because those that are supposed to be the examples because they have the truth, aren't doing what they know they are supposed to. And some of them are return missionaries!! Please, always remember that you don't know who is watching you. If you don't want to be obedient because you feel like it's your life and you can do what you want, remember that your choices affect ALL those around you too. People are always watching. Heavenly Father is always watching. There are ALWAYS ways to turn around and use the Atonement, but consequences are always there too. Evaluate yourself every Sunday at Sacrament. That is what Sacrament is for. Take it worthily and see if you are truly happy. If you are truly happy with yourself, and if you aren't, then figure out what you need to do to fix it. Talk to our leaders-- that is what they are there for. HAPPINESS IS POSSIBLE!!! It takes work to live the gospel, but it is WORTH IT.
I love you all!! Always remember how REAL Satan is and always put on your Armor of God each day. It's ARMOR. That means it isn't always CONVIENIENT to put on, but it will save you from the slashes of the Adversary. And do it with sincerity!!! Trials will ALWAYS come, and you must ALWAYS be prepared. Even return missionaries can't avoid the slashes with the training they have had, He can get to anyone. So KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!! I love you all, and I know we can fight him. I'm so grateful for the amazing examples and influences I have in my life and my heart rejoices in all of those who are still my brethren in the Lord. Keep it up, we can do it together. We know who is going to win this battle, so make sure you're preparing for the victory. Preparing to meet God.
I love you ALLLLLLL
Love, Sister Checketts
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We are helping Shai put on a HUGE concert tomorrow night. An opportunity that we figured would bring in a lot of YSA age people so we can get to know more people. And Shai is SUPER talented, she's the BEST! So she's putting on a real live concert for the community tomorrow night. We've been handing out flyers for ti all week <3 SHE'S GONNA BE BIG!! Look up her music. Support her. We love her. Her band name is Scouting For Alex... and she's Shai Matson:):)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Pride... the deadliest of them all. NICE SHOOTIN.

What an eventful summertime week! Where do I even begin....
So again, PERKS to being in a YSA.
For FHE this Tuesday, it was Jake's Birthday, so we went LASER TAGGING!!! It's been so long since I've been. I forgot how much I loved it. And now is a chance to brag for me... hahah I SCORED #1!!!!!!!!!! What...??!?! I NEVER get on the board with laser tag. It was a blast!!!! One of our LA's brought her little friend that she watches, she is like 12 or 13 and she was GLUED to my side the entire time. Her name is Savannah and she is the cutest thing ever:) So we teamtagged it all and it was so fun:):) We had 3 investigators there and a couple Less-Actives. I'll never forget my laser-tag as a missionary:) hahah
 Last Monday after email, we had our lesson with Ruben-- one of our members ex-boyfriends. HE IS SO PREPARED!!! He totally took in the whole restoration lesson and we're meeting with him again tomorrow.
Lately there has just been SO MUCH DATING DRAMA in the YSA.... haha welcome to the Young Single Adults... :) So it's been crazy to keep everybody moving forward in Christ when there are so many mixed emotions about jealousy and comparing themselves to others going around in the branch. Not going to lie... Muasau and I have been guilty of that lately too. PRIDE. It literally just SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF YOU. No wonder it is the #1 sin. It leads on EVERY other sin. Overcome our pride. Overcome the natural man. Pray EVERY DAY, multiple times a day, to AVOID it.
We sang A LOT again this week!! We had Zone Training in grand island and were asked to perform a number for that. We sang "Did you think to pray" and I actually got to play a guitar for the first time in a YEAR this week.. my fingers are so sore.... hahah:) We also played at the Stake Pioneer activity that was held at the famous Archway Museum! We did candle dipping and us sisters gave info on Family Search. No one really asked about Family Search, but there was this family (nonmembers)  walking by wanting to visit the Archway Museum and I had a prompting... so I didn't delay! I literally ran up to them and asked if they knew anything about their ancestors. They said they knew they came from England.. but that was it. So I invited them to watch as I showed them They didn't seem super interested.. and continued on their way. About 20 minutes later, the mom came back and asked me what the name of the website was again, her husband found it interesting, so we gave them a card. THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH IS REAL!!!!! :):):):) I talked to her some more. They were from Iowa on their way to UTAH to got to Moab... they weren't members. So this stop, and us talking to them was just the first step in their bombardment with Mormons. So those in Utah. TRACK THEM OUT!! hahah:) Just kidding, but it was so amazing. I LOVE receiving/following promptings. They do nothing but make you feel EXTREMELY good about life <3  I love Heavenly Father....
We went on exchanges with the others sisters this last week. I was with Sister Smith and we decided to do a day trip out to Minden to find some less-actives way out there. We had no GPS, and a tiny map.... but we didn't worry! We asked a few people for directions and we found this house in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Surrounded by cornfields. PRAYER WORKS because there is no way we would have found it otherwise. The day we were on exchanges, was any missionaries DREAM day. We were on time to EVERYTHING. Talked to EVERYONE we saw, got a new young investigators from a less-active family for the sisters to start teaching, and felt the spirit leading our directions because we literally had no clue where we were:) haha
Steve and Melia Ferguson came to take us out to dinner this week too. I love them to PIECES. And then this weekend was the annual KEARNEY CRUISE NIGHT. It's a HUGE deal around here. OLD OLD cars from allllllll over the Midwest are driving around in Kearney. It is the coolest thing ever! Dad would have LOVED it. We'd be at a stoplight next to an olllllllld Malibu! It's exciting! But the whole town treats it as a night to stay up ALLL night and get super drunk. We avoided around the college because there were young adult drunk out of their minds at 4pm... It was quite sad. But we got to see a bit of the parade and by some MIRACLE with all the people there, we ran into one of our potential investigators that we hadn't seen in a while-- Todd. And he invited us to meet with him this week. YAY!!!
Church was super amazing yesterday. I have never felt the spirit so strong in church meetings as I have since I've been in the Kearney YSA. Heavenly Father cares about His young adults SO MUCH. Everyone in the branch is going through A LOT. They all just walked into the church SUPER gloomy and non really happy..... but by the end of church they had grins from EAR TO EAR. I love getting to talk one on one with the branch members as we pull them aside to catch up with them on Sundays. It's amazing and I love them more than I can express! I love being out here right now to help them with their insecurities, and trials, just by talking about Christ and being able to see repentance cleanse them. It's incredible to watch. EVERY WEEK. They are bombarded with something different. Satan tries SO HARD, so I am so glad we are here to be a support to them. They are doing Amazing things at bringing their friends to know the truth too. It just takes a lot of time and patience, but it's incredible!
So steer clear of pride. Read my all-time favorite talks "Beware of Pride" and "The Character of Christ" Pride really is deadly and it happens in all of us without even realizing it at first. But I KNOW through the atonement that we can dissolve it in ourselves, because I have experienced that process in myself. Satan is tricky... but we are stronger when we have Christ as the #1 priority in our life!
I love you all! Go play some laser-tag this week!! Shoot out the pride in our lives, and serve someone next to you who looks lonely. DO YOUR FAMILY HISTORY. And be in the temple.
Have a great one!! The church is true. There is nothing better.
Sister Checketts


Yup, ALL weekend we've been driving all around Kearney with these cars EVERYWHERE. So fun:)


Yeah.... so this weekend was the annual famous KEARNEY CRUISE NIGHT!!!! There were old cars EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Dad, my Bro's, Scotty, and all ya'll car freaks would have been SO in Heaven. But only until like 7 pm because then everyone else just uses it as an excuse to get drunk. We had to be careful! BUT we saw the coolest old cars ever!!!!!!!!!


THE FERGUSONS came to take us to dinner..... I love them, SO MUCH!!!!! #instafamily #longlostdaughterami


I got to play guitar for the first time in a year.... hahah #ineedtorelearn BUT!! This is Elizabeth, she was our biggest fan:)


Monday, July 14, 2014

Have I Told You Lately.... That I Love You??

Well I dooooooooo!!!!!!! And I appreciate all of you: friends, family, neighbors, wardies, SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Being out here on a mission, you see your fair-share of people lives that have been HARD, and I thank Father everyday for everything He has given me at home and in my past.

AND HERE!!!! I NEVER regret coming out here on my mission.. on His mission. I have learned so much, seen so much, and I won't be the last to say that missions are HARD. The hardest thing I have EVER had to do! But they are SOOOO WORTH IT!!!!! The light and understanding we receive and have the opportunity to witness come to pass in the lives of those we come to love, is INCREDIBLE!!!! It's easy to get discouraged, but we build up the strength to RESIST Satan as we go through more and more trials. They get easier and easier as we face them with a stronger Faith in God than we had in the past.

Today we got to go to one of the members in the family ward's dorm (he works at UNK) to do our laundry for free (I will never take laundry for granted again) and we played this awesome board game called LEGENDARY. It's the best thing ever. Family, you should get it, just saying. I LOVE SUPER HEROS. And we're going to play more v-ball with the Elders.

Anyway, this week has been eye-opening. Really EVERY week is eye-opening. I look back at the last week every Monday and see how much I have learned. And that just builds upon itself week after week after week. Line upon line. Building our foundation stronger on Christ.

So we went to the famous Archway Museum here in Kearney last p-day. IT WAS SO COOL!!!! Can you believe our country went from Oxen ---> Internet in only like 150 years?? Incredible... and the coolest part about this disneyland -like museum, was that they talked about MORMONS soooo much! We listened to headsets and saw pictures of Brigham Young and took pictures at every Mormon sign and the other tourists that were there were like staring at us all funny. BE PROUD OF OUR HERITAGE!!!! I got to see a GIANT picture of my ancestor when we passed through the Promontory Point picture:) Too cool:)

 Anyway, this last week was my year-mark. SCARY!!! YIKES!!! EEEK!!!! Makes me a little upset in the stomach when I think too much about it. I've started to go back and re-read my journals from this day a year ago as I start my studies every morning and it's hilarious. The MTC was a HOOT. I was also a very selfish person.... hahah But hopefully I've changed in that aspect too.

 I LOVE SISTER MUASAU!!!!!! So since I didn't do a TON on my 20th birthday when I was in Red Oak, she was determined to surprise me and give me a great year-mark party. She secretly talked to the branch members and they all bought me a cake and we had a party during mission prep. I love them. ALSO, since Muasau and I are together CONSTANTLY, I don't know HOW she did it, but she bought a bird magnet board (cause I love birds... ;)) when we were at Hobby Lobby and surprised me. She's the best:)

We have been working on FINDING PEOPLE TO TEACH alllllll this week. There was a day this week where we did NOTHING but tracting....... that's ALL. Oyyyy..... We've been trying to find people through our talents, so we just go up to random strangers and start singing to them. It's the best. I can't tell you how many people we've made cry by doing that... okay maybe I can. Like 4 people! It's sweet:) Elder Tatafu here-- our ZL taught us a sweet song that we've been singing to everyone. "You never really know what it means.... to need somebody.... until you fall down, yeah..... until you fall down" Repeated over and over again, but it's GREAT!!!:) It's hard to find success tracting all day when you're serving in a YSA branch.... and so the only places your really tract are apartment buildings.... and it's summer.... and all the apartments are empty. Needless to say, we didn't find A TON of success, but hopefully we were showing Heavenly Father that we will do anything right now to get people to teach.

I fasted the entire day that we tracted and it was hard, but I just want to teach people that are sincerely interested and prepared. Right after I ended my fast, we got a text from one of our investigators, saying that he was playing in a softball game that night, so we couldn't meet. I was so sad :( BUT then we realized that we didn't have any plans for Family Home Evening yet, SOOOOOO I had this genius idea, (okay, prompting) to get the branch to go support him at his game. SO WE GOT TO WATCH A SOFTBALL GAME FOR FHE!!!! There are incredible perks for being YSA <3 It was the greatest thing ever. We taught a lesson about supporting one another, bearing one anothers burdens, and not being afraid to share your trials with others. Because "you won't have anyone to support you at your baseball game, unless you LET THEM KNOW and give them a ticket to it" So let people know about your hard times, we're all here to help each other, and by doing so, we're helping others fulfill their baptismal covenants by bearing one anothers burdens. It was SOOO fun <3 FASTING WORKS.

Also, I've seen some other results from the fast towards the end of this week. OUR MEMBERS ARE HAVING SO MANY MISSIONARY OPPORTUNITIES!!! And I know that we won't get the greatest success in tracting... we never do, but the members ARE preparing people, the Lord is allowing THEM opportunities to be missionaries, so we've been meeting A LOT of their friends, and my FAVORITE thing about Sundays is when our members come running up to us saying "I HAD A MISSIONARY MOMENT THIS WEEK!!!" NOTHING. I repeat. NOTHING. Makes me happier <3 We actually got a text a couple of days ago from one of our members non-member boyfriend-- Ruben. He is hard-core catholic. But he contacted us, without even telling his girlfriend Taylor, that he wants to make some changes and wants to meet with us. So we actually have an appointment with him RIGHT after we're done emailing here. (sacrificing p-day time :):)) We are SO excited!!! Another one of my favorite things, is after we introduce our investigators to our branch members, and they begin to pray for our investigators by name. IT WORKS. PRAYER WORKS. And the more people we have praying, the better:)

We set one of our former investigators-- David, for baptism this last week. He is trying SO HARD to quit smoking, so we set him for January 2nd so he has a date to work towards. Speaking of prayer, please keep him in your prayers. He says a lot of things just to make us happy, so we truly hope that he is truly sincere about everything he tells us, but we have faith that he can do it!!

We had interviews with President Weston this last week. I LOVE THAT MAN!!!!!!! I swear, all that happens in interviews is he asks me some questions about how everything is going and then he just talks. I could listen to him for DAYS. He is sooooo inspired!!!!! But usually I just sit there, nod my head, and go "yeah, okay, yes, alright, yeah" It's quite humorous actually. He's the greatest and we joke with him lots. We keep asking him when these iPads will be coming..... That will help things SO MUCH in YSA. It's not even funny:) So do any of you have information on world-wide missionary iPad's? Knowing president, we might be able to get them as soon as September, but he would hold them from us until Christmas and wait to give them as a Chrsitmas present... the little joke-ster:) Love him.

Anyway, I learned a ton in interview that I am trying my best to apply. Doing my best to pray throughout the day AS MUCH AS A REMEMBER. AS MUCH AS I CAN. And it has made the biggest difference. He challenged most of us to pray AT LEAST 30 times a day. Asking Father about EVERY decision we make. Making sure we are doing HIS will and not our own. Then at night when we kneel down to say our nightly prayers, we will know that we did most everything that day the way He wanted us to. If people only knew how much we prayed for them.

Sometimes, as I have had hard days on the mission, I lay in bed at night just staring at the picture of Christ by my pillow and asking "How on Earth did you do it? How did you not get discouraged? How did you not falter? How did you not care what others thought? How did you have the desire to suffer for me? HOW HOW HOW???" And as I've pondered those words throughout my mission, I have come to the never-ending conclusion that He did it because He knew Heavenly Father perfectly. That veil for him was non-existent. He asked Father EVERYTHING He needed to do and ONLY cared about what Father wanted Him to do. And that is what we as missionaries are trying to do. Keep Heavenly Father the most prominent thing in your mind. It's HARD, and it takes PRACTICE. But it is possible to slowly but progressively let Him take over.

I love it here. I love the people I serve. I even had some members stop and buy me some movie-theatre popcorn this last week because they've heard me talk about how much I miss it. It's the BEST!!!!!!!

Keep your head up. Make your thoughts, HIS thoughts, and you will NEVER falter.

Fun Day at the ARCHWAY

Monday, July 7, 2014


Platte River

So as I've mentioned before, I had ancestors that crossed the Platte River, So naturally, I had to go find the Platte River!! <3 The spirit was so strong. I love the pioneers!!!


The Elders and Brother Terry at the Super Hero Dash... SWEET COSTUMES.

Patience, young one.

It seems to me that everyone is going through some little bumpy weeks. Nothing too drastic, just little struggles. Well, I'm here to say that you aren't the only ones!!

First off, before I get too deep, I'd like to wish a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY WISH to my pappa SCOTT CHECKETTS.
Happy Birthday to YOU.
Happy Birthday to YOU.
Happy Birthday Dear, DADDY.
Happy Birthday to YOU.
.... and many mooooooreeee!!:)
I love you more than life itself:):) Good thing we're stuck together for eternity!!! I hope you have the best birthday ever!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NIECE, LIBBY on the 4th of July!!! AHHH Sister Muasau and I made a special cake on the 4th to celebrate her brothers birthday, my nieces birthday, my daddy's birthday, AND THE 4th!!

I hope you all had a great 4th of July <3 <3 We had the opportunity to go and serve at the community's "Super Hero Dash 5K" in the morning. It was like Halloween in July. EVERYONE in Super hero costumes. We even dressed up a tad too, it was the best! We were in charge of making the popcorn and handing it out, and for those of you who know me, know I LOVE some popcorn! Some members in the family ward are going to get me some Movie Theatre popcorn for my birthday if I'm still here. LOVE IT! So it was a joy!!

The race started at the Platte River Archway-- a local museum all about the Pioneers. (We are actually going there to do a tour for P-day today! YAY!) It's SUPER cool! All these wax statues and such, It feels like Disneyland when you first walk in <3

Then for the 4th of July evening, there is a church nearby called the "Igloo church' It LITERALLY looks like an igloo.... look it up. Grace Community Church. hahahah it's a HUGE IGLOO in the middle of this neighborhood. They have a HUGE party on the 4th of July and EVERYTHING is free. So we got some food and saw tons of people because the whole town of Kearney is either there, or at the Country Club for the firework shows. We couldn't proselyte since we were at another church, but we went to get our faces in the community and ran into a couple real anti- guys... so that was fun and really strengthened my faith even more! Kill em with kindness :) hahah JK, they were nice, but REALLY wanted to bash with us :(

We went back to our apartment right before it started getting dark, but LUCKILY our apartment is like right by the church, so we planned for the night, got ready for bed, but snuck out for about 20 minutes before 10:30 to witness the fireworks. We just sat on the step of our building and THERE WERE FIREWORKS EVERYWHERE!!! The Finale's aren't as GRAND as in Utah, But there are literally fireworks SURROUNDING US EVERYWHERE!!! It was so fun:) GO NEBRASKA fireworks!!! So that was our fourth <3

We worked at the Robinson's farm again this week. She has the BIGGEST garden I've ever seen! And so far, we helped till it, manure it, and now we're weeding it like crazy!! (mom would be so proud:)) We've also been able to see their pigs and calves grow up SO FAST. It's fun:) Heavenly Father did nature RIGHT!! It's GORGEOUS!! I'm so glad I've come to appreciate the rolling plains and corn fields of Nebraska! Don't you dare say that it isn't boring driving through ;) hahahha

We played Volleyball at the sand pit with the Elders last monday. It's SO FUN when the Zone Leaders come up, our P-days are the BEST!!!

District Meeting was interesting this week... we have a new district leader, he was actually in my VERY first district when I served with Broughy in Omaha. It was just strange.... but still good! Elders can be weird... but I still love them! There is NEVER an excuse to not be obedient! YAY! This week is interviews with President. SO EXCITED!!!! ummmm... sad note... I hit my YEAR MARK this week.... Oh my word....... So I'll only have a couple my interviews with president left. .... AHHHH..... I don't like that.....

A  YEAR!!! Can you believe it????? I always heard people say missions go by fast, but WOAH. #wakeupcall

FHE was a blast this week! We did "TACO TUESDAY" and everyone wore things that started with a T. Muasau and I were "Twins wearing Turquoise" Because we have matching turquoise dresses. BOO YAH.

Favorite thing ever? When our members have the BEST missionary opportunities ever!!!! Our members had some great ones this week!

Anyway, we didn't see a ton of things out of the ordinary this week. Except a GIANT dead deer on the way driving the archway on the 4th. GAG. That was nasty. SO MUCH ROAD KILL here. You get used to it.

Lately, it's been tough for me in this area because now this is officially the LONGEST I have ever been in one area... 4 months. Crazy, right?? Especially since President has been trying to leave missionaries in an area for 8 1/2 months... How did I get so lucky? Haha so naturally, in my head I've been feeling as if some big and exciting change should be happening... and it's not. I'm wanting answers SOON, and they aren't coming. Like many of you, whether it's sicknesses that are in your life, or feeling anticipation for something, I'm feeling as PATIENCE is a big key theme here for all of us. I received an email today from one of our past sisters that is home now. Sister Vance, she was my first STL and she talked about patience and gave the talk "Continue in Patience" by Pres. Uchtdorf for us to read. You should read it too!!

Heavenly Father DOES give us answers to prayers. The answers are Yes, No, or he restrains from giving us one for a time because he trusts us to use our agency and make the right decision. Always talk to Him, and WORK on the prayers and answers you receive. Never delay a prompting. FOLLOW THROUGH. But be PATIENT in receiving that answer. Never give up on Him, because He NEVER gives up on you. Let us all keep pressing on and KEEP MOVING FORWARD with FAITH!! Our theme for this mission this month is strengthening our FAITH. Just BELIEVE that He will help you, ask Him to, and He is obligated to. He has PROMISED us that He will be there for us, and I'm just taking a guess here... but I'm sure God's promises are MUCH stronger than a pinky promise. Never give up. Be patient in thine afflictions. Whether they be trials that are brought on from others decisions, trials Heavenly Father gives to you because He sees that you need it, or trials that you bring on yourself. They are for a reason. Forgiveness is real. Forgive yourself and repent DAILY!! Always strive to be better than you were yesterday, but realize that your best TODAY may be different than your best from last week. Take care of yourself first, then reach out to others. We are where we are for a reason.

YOU CAN DO IT!! I know you can, and because of your faith and support in me, I know that I can too :)

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Many pictures to come <3
Love your favorite Sister Missionary:
-Sister Checketts

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