Monday, July 7, 2014

Patience, young one.

It seems to me that everyone is going through some little bumpy weeks. Nothing too drastic, just little struggles. Well, I'm here to say that you aren't the only ones!!

First off, before I get too deep, I'd like to wish a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY WISH to my pappa SCOTT CHECKETTS.
Happy Birthday to YOU.
Happy Birthday to YOU.
Happy Birthday Dear, DADDY.
Happy Birthday to YOU.
.... and many mooooooreeee!!:)
I love you more than life itself:):) Good thing we're stuck together for eternity!!! I hope you have the best birthday ever!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NIECE, LIBBY on the 4th of July!!! AHHH Sister Muasau and I made a special cake on the 4th to celebrate her brothers birthday, my nieces birthday, my daddy's birthday, AND THE 4th!!

I hope you all had a great 4th of July <3 <3 We had the opportunity to go and serve at the community's "Super Hero Dash 5K" in the morning. It was like Halloween in July. EVERYONE in Super hero costumes. We even dressed up a tad too, it was the best! We were in charge of making the popcorn and handing it out, and for those of you who know me, know I LOVE some popcorn! Some members in the family ward are going to get me some Movie Theatre popcorn for my birthday if I'm still here. LOVE IT! So it was a joy!!

The race started at the Platte River Archway-- a local museum all about the Pioneers. (We are actually going there to do a tour for P-day today! YAY!) It's SUPER cool! All these wax statues and such, It feels like Disneyland when you first walk in <3

Then for the 4th of July evening, there is a church nearby called the "Igloo church' It LITERALLY looks like an igloo.... look it up. Grace Community Church. hahahah it's a HUGE IGLOO in the middle of this neighborhood. They have a HUGE party on the 4th of July and EVERYTHING is free. So we got some food and saw tons of people because the whole town of Kearney is either there, or at the Country Club for the firework shows. We couldn't proselyte since we were at another church, but we went to get our faces in the community and ran into a couple real anti- guys... so that was fun and really strengthened my faith even more! Kill em with kindness :) hahah JK, they were nice, but REALLY wanted to bash with us :(

We went back to our apartment right before it started getting dark, but LUCKILY our apartment is like right by the church, so we planned for the night, got ready for bed, but snuck out for about 20 minutes before 10:30 to witness the fireworks. We just sat on the step of our building and THERE WERE FIREWORKS EVERYWHERE!!! The Finale's aren't as GRAND as in Utah, But there are literally fireworks SURROUNDING US EVERYWHERE!!! It was so fun:) GO NEBRASKA fireworks!!! So that was our fourth <3

We worked at the Robinson's farm again this week. She has the BIGGEST garden I've ever seen! And so far, we helped till it, manure it, and now we're weeding it like crazy!! (mom would be so proud:)) We've also been able to see their pigs and calves grow up SO FAST. It's fun:) Heavenly Father did nature RIGHT!! It's GORGEOUS!! I'm so glad I've come to appreciate the rolling plains and corn fields of Nebraska! Don't you dare say that it isn't boring driving through ;) hahahha

We played Volleyball at the sand pit with the Elders last monday. It's SO FUN when the Zone Leaders come up, our P-days are the BEST!!!

District Meeting was interesting this week... we have a new district leader, he was actually in my VERY first district when I served with Broughy in Omaha. It was just strange.... but still good! Elders can be weird... but I still love them! There is NEVER an excuse to not be obedient! YAY! This week is interviews with President. SO EXCITED!!!! ummmm... sad note... I hit my YEAR MARK this week.... Oh my word....... So I'll only have a couple my interviews with president left. .... AHHHH..... I don't like that.....

A  YEAR!!! Can you believe it????? I always heard people say missions go by fast, but WOAH. #wakeupcall

FHE was a blast this week! We did "TACO TUESDAY" and everyone wore things that started with a T. Muasau and I were "Twins wearing Turquoise" Because we have matching turquoise dresses. BOO YAH.

Favorite thing ever? When our members have the BEST missionary opportunities ever!!!! Our members had some great ones this week!

Anyway, we didn't see a ton of things out of the ordinary this week. Except a GIANT dead deer on the way driving the archway on the 4th. GAG. That was nasty. SO MUCH ROAD KILL here. You get used to it.

Lately, it's been tough for me in this area because now this is officially the LONGEST I have ever been in one area... 4 months. Crazy, right?? Especially since President has been trying to leave missionaries in an area for 8 1/2 months... How did I get so lucky? Haha so naturally, in my head I've been feeling as if some big and exciting change should be happening... and it's not. I'm wanting answers SOON, and they aren't coming. Like many of you, whether it's sicknesses that are in your life, or feeling anticipation for something, I'm feeling as PATIENCE is a big key theme here for all of us. I received an email today from one of our past sisters that is home now. Sister Vance, she was my first STL and she talked about patience and gave the talk "Continue in Patience" by Pres. Uchtdorf for us to read. You should read it too!!

Heavenly Father DOES give us answers to prayers. The answers are Yes, No, or he restrains from giving us one for a time because he trusts us to use our agency and make the right decision. Always talk to Him, and WORK on the prayers and answers you receive. Never delay a prompting. FOLLOW THROUGH. But be PATIENT in receiving that answer. Never give up on Him, because He NEVER gives up on you. Let us all keep pressing on and KEEP MOVING FORWARD with FAITH!! Our theme for this mission this month is strengthening our FAITH. Just BELIEVE that He will help you, ask Him to, and He is obligated to. He has PROMISED us that He will be there for us, and I'm just taking a guess here... but I'm sure God's promises are MUCH stronger than a pinky promise. Never give up. Be patient in thine afflictions. Whether they be trials that are brought on from others decisions, trials Heavenly Father gives to you because He sees that you need it, or trials that you bring on yourself. They are for a reason. Forgiveness is real. Forgive yourself and repent DAILY!! Always strive to be better than you were yesterday, but realize that your best TODAY may be different than your best from last week. Take care of yourself first, then reach out to others. We are where we are for a reason.

YOU CAN DO IT!! I know you can, and because of your faith and support in me, I know that I can too :)

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Many pictures to come <3
Love your favorite Sister Missionary:
-Sister Checketts

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