Monday, June 30, 2014

SUPER Missionary Monday!

Hello ya'll!!!
Another great week in the NOM field here in Kearney, Nebraska!!
Life has been hectic, as usual!!
First off, transfers happened!! But Sister Muasau and I are still here! Out of us 6 missinoaries here in Kearney, Sister Call was the only one to leave-- she went to Omaha and so Sister Dumont's new companion is Sister Smith (who also came out with me!) So now we have the trio of us-- Dumont, Smith, and I who all came out together, serving in Kearney together. It's the BEST!!
IT WAS SO SAD TO SAY GOODBYE TO SISTER CALL!!!-- knowing that I probably won't see her again until after neither of us are missionaries anymore :(:(:( WAKE-UP CALL :(:(... I don't like that......
Also, I heard that the re-opened Yankee Hill to sisters!! (The area that I opened with Weber and that closed when we got transferred in the middle of the transfer) SO YAY!!! My investigators out there will be taken care of again!! That makes me happy:)
BAPTISM I had this dream last Monday night that the STL's called us and said that Jackie's baptism wasn't going to happen on Tuesday night. I woke up super worried but then brushed it off, cause everything was all set and ready! We went throughout the day and then... the STL's called us and said it was canceled... WHAT?!??! My heart SANK! My dream had come true.... Ohhh Heavenly Father, He is such a character sometimes. So that was sad :( Turns out that her parents had gotten in the way and said that she couldn't get baptized. They are still SUPER against it. Jackie is 18, so normally she could still do what she wants, but Nebraska is weird... and here, they have to be 19. So that was really hard for Jackie, but talking to her in church yesterday, although she is still very emotional about it, she knows there must be a reason. She's moved out of her parents house. Is working like 7 jobs, and is trying to get up on her own feet before so that she can head off to school at BYI-I in the next year. She's amazing and she's staying strong!! So no baptism this last week :(
We do have a baptism set though!! We're teaching Shelby still! She is officially set for September 17th of 2015... yeah, it's like a year away. We're hoping it will move up, but she wants to wait until she turns 18 and she's working on softening her family to the idea as well. She's doing great though and we're glad to have that set so that she has a date to look forward to!!
We had a miracle this last week!! For FHE on Tuesday, we were planning on doing the baptism, but after it got canceled, the branch decided to get together and go to the small lake and hang-out there. Well, no lake for us! So we went out proselyting but got a call when we got in for the night, that one of the members of the branch, Nyanial had hit her head on the bottom of the lake and had passed out and was being taken to the emergency room. It was CRAZY because NO ONE really knew what had happened. We were worried sick. So we were praying, and telling everyone else to pray, and she was sent home around midnight that night with everything completely fine. She doesn't remember ANYTHING either, the only thing she remembers is everyone huddled around her saying a prayer, but they all said that she was passed out during the whole thing. So how she remembered that, it's impossible. Heavenly Father seriously protects, watches over us, and allows us experiences that our own human minds cannot comprehend.
The wedding reception was this week!! When Jake and April first got into town and got him all moved in her apartment, the FIRST thing they did was have us over for dinner. HAHA It was strange:) Eating with the now-married couple. We got to use their new dishes and whatnot. They were so excited. We spent a lot of time this week helping to set up the church for their reception on Saturday and then we got to attend the reception!! We helped out in the back most of the time doing dishes, trying to avoid the music.. but yeah, we did bust a move a few times:) SHHHHH. They are so happy and Jake just kept telling us "It is SO worth it to do things the RIGHT way!!!' So Jake served his mission in Alaska, and got home right before this last thanksgiving... it's been 8 months and now he's married. CRAZY!! But I did find out that he was the first zone-leader in the mission for the elders that I was in the MTC with, So that was sweet!! He also used to live in Roy, so he knows Rachel Call and her fam:) CONNECTIONS! They are sweet:) Jake Knudsen! PS.. all my friends out there. I WILL HELP WITH YOUR WEDDINGS:)
We started officially teaching Kendyl this week! Her mom is set for baptism and we're good friends with her. We taught the restoration and she didn't have any problems really with it, she just said she for sure had to do some praying about it. So FINGERS CROSSED!! I love her to pieces!
We were able to help out with Kearney's "Community Olympics" this last week. We have gotten in with the leader over parks and rec, so we're starting to do some SWEET service projects! We get to help out with the superhero 5k on the 4th of july and we get to dress as super heros. YAY!
Speaking of super heros.... My last district was my FAVORITE!!!! Our District leader (who just got transferred.. sad) was sweet! he drew us all our favorite super heros and I have to admit, that this districts district pictures were the best. Anyway.... you probably don't care about that. I just love them:)
FIREWORKS AND FIREFLIES are up and going!!!! Every night is an array of firworks! They scare the jeepers out of me when we're out walking!! haha Muasau just laughs at me. and we were chasing after fireflies the other day... gaulllll I love it here;):) Nebraska gets CRAZY with fireworks. There is a church out here that LITERALLY looks like an Igloo.... and every year they have a huge firework show, so we get to go to that on the 4th and do some proselyting there. SO STOKED.
Sunday was the best ever! When I first got here, our branch only had like 10 people there... yesterday, we started out the block with 25 people!!!! A couple were adults there to see one of the speakers. But 25!!!!!!!!!!!! We filled up 3 rows!!!!! We had 2 investigators and 6 returning members. I was sooooo excited!! As the hours went on, we lost more and more people..... grrr... but hey, they all got there to begin with. YAY. It's times like that where we see our efforts worth it:) The spirit is the strongest ever in this branch on Sundays.... Everything was incredible yesterday. This branch has literally changed SO MANY lives. Including mine, and I am so blessed to be here, to be making these friends, at to witness the changes that SO OFTEN and RAPID and DRASTICALLY change in the lives of the YSA members. They have changed my life.
We taught this 15 year old last night out on her porch about how much God loves her.... it broke my heart. She's 15 and has the hardest feelings towards her family members. I wrote my testimony in the Book of Mormon and gave it to her saying that if there was ONE thing she learned from meeting us, was that she is loved by the creator of EVERYTHING. I hope and pray that this girl- Kara, will one day understand... She is a daughter, YOU are a child, of the greatest being that has ever been.
I love you all, DO MISSIONARY WORK, because you are LITERALLY saving lives!!!!!!!!!! Be a superhero. Christ was our superhero. Aren't we striving to become like him?? YESSSS. BE AWARE, ALWAYS that our Heavenly Father lives and is watching us. Make choices the way He wants us to.
I love you all, I LOVE it here!!! LOVE where you are. BE where your feet are. Thrust in your sickle to those that Heavenly Father has placed YOU around. Become an extrovert. And HAVE FUN with missionary work. :)
Stay safe for the 4th. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LIBBY!!!!!)
I love you.
Sister Checketts

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