Monday, June 23, 2014

He is Aware, ALWAYS. -- don't be grumpy about it:)

Hello everyone!!
Cri-Kee here!! Seriously, EVERYONE calls me Cricket when they first try to read my nametag. Since when does CHECKETTS look like CRICKET?? hahah I think it's hilarious.
Fun week! Sad that it is coming to an end and that we're meeting another TRANSFER WEEK :(:( It goes by tooooooo fast!!!! I'm pretty positive I am staying, but we're both super worried about Muasau. She's been here since November... :( I don't know what I'll do without her. I hope I will stay here till Halloween! That is the plan anyways.
Monday was sweet! We took time out of our Preparation Day to give a church tour to Kendyl- one of our investigators:) Her mom has committed to be baptized and so she's wanting to check more into the church. She just got out of alcohol treatment and is trying to turn her life around, so it was fun to show her around the church and help her get a feel that we aren't TOO crazy ;) She's tried out some other churches in the past that speak in tounges and do healings all that nonsense... and she was wigged out haha. When we showed her the baptismal font and explained baptism and read about Christ's baptism, she felt the spirit and asked what she would wear if she decided to attend some sunday (YAY) and said it really made sense that we are baptized by immersion and not by sprinklings. haha we love her:) So that was a great way to start off the week!
We went to dinner at a member from the Family ward's home and then afterwards, we went out tracting. We were parked by the side of these apartments, just talking for a few minutes, deciding what to do, when this woman kept going in and out of her house staring at us real weird, then her boyfriend or husband came out, got on the phone and CALLED THE COPS ON US..... ya... I thought Nebraska folk were friendly... hah I guess they were freaked out cause two girls were just sitting in their car talking just down the street from their house... yeah, real scary, right? So we booked it out of there before he finished the phone call. The #missionlife is the best:) Lucky I have Muasau though, cause I didn't even notice at first.
We also had a scary door approach this last week. Right when we knocked, this loud, deep, scary voice yelled "WHO IS IT?!?" from the other side of the door. I booked it down the stairs cause it freaked me out, then Muasau started after me, but stopped and turned around to answer him. I walked up beside her again and he again yelled "WHO IS IT!?!" we, very hesitantly replied "...sister missionaries...." and then he told us, not very nicely, to leave. hahah we just left kinda chuckling and wondering to ourselves what could make a man like soooo angry at everything. Poor man. We want to make him cookies or something.... He deserves rainbows and glitter:)... no wonder Johnny called me a fairy... hahah (miss ya Johnny!)
We were asked last minute to give a training together on Wednesday for District Meeting. It was super last minute, but we had just had a super cool experience with a VERY spiritual lesson with one of our members talking about the atonement, and the training topic was the atonement, so we were all for it!
We were flustered trying to throw it together last minute, and trying to figure out how to present it, but we said a prayer before district meeting, and although we weren't able to prepare real well, it was BY FAR one of the most powerful lessons/trainings we have given together. All we did was testify of the atonement and of our Savior, and the atonement has meant so much more to us since that training. At the end, as our role play, we invited the elders and sisters in our district to have a testimony meeting and bear testimony of our Savior. Tears were everywhere. I'll tell you what, there is nothing more powerful than hearing missionaries bear testimony of our Savior over and over again. It was so neat!! I had been reading in the gospels again this week and continuing on with Jesus the Christ, and love every second of it!!
We had some members that were traveling through Kearney from Washington state buy our lunch after District Meeting. That was a TOTAL miracle!! That's only the 2nd time on my mission that members have bought us food when we went in to eat somewhere. And how did we run into them in KEARNEY of all places?? haha they were traveling to Omaha to see the World Series, TENDER MERCY.
We did more service at the Robinsons farm this week. We were on exchanges, so I was with Sister Dumont. We helped finished hauling manure and while we were in the house grabbing a drink, Sister Robinson's dogs escaped and we ended up watch them kill one of the chickens.... SO SAD!!!! We chased them down and got them back in their fence, but they AGAIN got loose and started chasing the chickens, they had another in their mouths, but we were able to save the second chicken. WE SAVED A SOUL! haha That was a sad time... poor chicken.....
We were helping our 86 year old investigator, Arlys with her garage sale this week. She is too funny. She wanted to do a garage sale with her and her other 86 year old friend, all by themselves! We couldn't leave them by themselves... haha so we and the other sisters helped them out on Friday and Saturday. She has so much old stuff, it's so fun!! I got a couple sweet hats and jewelry that she gave to us, I love her so much:)
We sang twice in church yesterday, for the family ward and for the YSA. Be Still My Soul. I love it:) The elders keep saying that the 4 of us sisters CAN'T get transferred because then we couldn't sing... I'm nervous to find out what happens this week. Sister Muasau and Call are most likely leaving.
Game Night on Saturday keeps getting bigger and bigger! We're really trying to get the word out there!! We had 16 people show up on Saturday, taht's the largest we have had it since I've been here, and 6 of them were nonmembers!! YEAHHHHH!!!!!! Our teaching pool is slowly getting larger as we're gaining greater relationships with our members friends. I LOVE IT!!! It was the funnest game night yet!! We love volleyball.
Tomorrow WE HAVE A BAPTISM!!!!! Her name is Jackie, she is the friend of a couple of our members. We weren't the ones that directly taught her, the sisters in her home town have been teaching her, but she recently moved out of her parents house because they aren't super supportive and she is getting baptized tomorrow. he's been coming to all our activities for the past few weeks thought. It's funny cause this whole transfer, Muasau and I have been praying for a baptism. I guess we need to be more specific with Heavenly Father;) this baptism isn't a DIRECT result of our efforts, but no matter what, He ALWAYS answers prayers and He didn't fail us this time either. She gets baptized tomorrow and then will officially be a member of our branch. We love her and truly admire the choice she is making regardless of how hard the circumstances are. It takes a lot of faith and she knows this church is true. We got to be in with her during a blessing she received yesterday and it was truly amazing. Father is proud:) Sooo excited for her:)
Anyway, that is the week!! I'll let you know about transfers. Time goes by sooooo fast.... a year ago I was packing my bags!! A year.... :P
I love you all!! I hope you all continue to have a great week!!! 

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