Monday, July 21, 2014

Pride... the deadliest of them all. NICE SHOOTIN.

What an eventful summertime week! Where do I even begin....
So again, PERKS to being in a YSA.
For FHE this Tuesday, it was Jake's Birthday, so we went LASER TAGGING!!! It's been so long since I've been. I forgot how much I loved it. And now is a chance to brag for me... hahah I SCORED #1!!!!!!!!!! What...??!?! I NEVER get on the board with laser tag. It was a blast!!!! One of our LA's brought her little friend that she watches, she is like 12 or 13 and she was GLUED to my side the entire time. Her name is Savannah and she is the cutest thing ever:) So we teamtagged it all and it was so fun:):) We had 3 investigators there and a couple Less-Actives. I'll never forget my laser-tag as a missionary:) hahah
 Last Monday after email, we had our lesson with Ruben-- one of our members ex-boyfriends. HE IS SO PREPARED!!! He totally took in the whole restoration lesson and we're meeting with him again tomorrow.
Lately there has just been SO MUCH DATING DRAMA in the YSA.... haha welcome to the Young Single Adults... :) So it's been crazy to keep everybody moving forward in Christ when there are so many mixed emotions about jealousy and comparing themselves to others going around in the branch. Not going to lie... Muasau and I have been guilty of that lately too. PRIDE. It literally just SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF YOU. No wonder it is the #1 sin. It leads on EVERY other sin. Overcome our pride. Overcome the natural man. Pray EVERY DAY, multiple times a day, to AVOID it.
We sang A LOT again this week!! We had Zone Training in grand island and were asked to perform a number for that. We sang "Did you think to pray" and I actually got to play a guitar for the first time in a YEAR this week.. my fingers are so sore.... hahah:) We also played at the Stake Pioneer activity that was held at the famous Archway Museum! We did candle dipping and us sisters gave info on Family Search. No one really asked about Family Search, but there was this family (nonmembers)  walking by wanting to visit the Archway Museum and I had a prompting... so I didn't delay! I literally ran up to them and asked if they knew anything about their ancestors. They said they knew they came from England.. but that was it. So I invited them to watch as I showed them They didn't seem super interested.. and continued on their way. About 20 minutes later, the mom came back and asked me what the name of the website was again, her husband found it interesting, so we gave them a card. THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH IS REAL!!!!! :):):):) I talked to her some more. They were from Iowa on their way to UTAH to got to Moab... they weren't members. So this stop, and us talking to them was just the first step in their bombardment with Mormons. So those in Utah. TRACK THEM OUT!! hahah:) Just kidding, but it was so amazing. I LOVE receiving/following promptings. They do nothing but make you feel EXTREMELY good about life <3  I love Heavenly Father....
We went on exchanges with the others sisters this last week. I was with Sister Smith and we decided to do a day trip out to Minden to find some less-actives way out there. We had no GPS, and a tiny map.... but we didn't worry! We asked a few people for directions and we found this house in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Surrounded by cornfields. PRAYER WORKS because there is no way we would have found it otherwise. The day we were on exchanges, was any missionaries DREAM day. We were on time to EVERYTHING. Talked to EVERYONE we saw, got a new young investigators from a less-active family for the sisters to start teaching, and felt the spirit leading our directions because we literally had no clue where we were:) haha
Steve and Melia Ferguson came to take us out to dinner this week too. I love them to PIECES. And then this weekend was the annual KEARNEY CRUISE NIGHT. It's a HUGE deal around here. OLD OLD cars from allllllll over the Midwest are driving around in Kearney. It is the coolest thing ever! Dad would have LOVED it. We'd be at a stoplight next to an olllllllld Malibu! It's exciting! But the whole town treats it as a night to stay up ALLL night and get super drunk. We avoided around the college because there were young adult drunk out of their minds at 4pm... It was quite sad. But we got to see a bit of the parade and by some MIRACLE with all the people there, we ran into one of our potential investigators that we hadn't seen in a while-- Todd. And he invited us to meet with him this week. YAY!!!
Church was super amazing yesterday. I have never felt the spirit so strong in church meetings as I have since I've been in the Kearney YSA. Heavenly Father cares about His young adults SO MUCH. Everyone in the branch is going through A LOT. They all just walked into the church SUPER gloomy and non really happy..... but by the end of church they had grins from EAR TO EAR. I love getting to talk one on one with the branch members as we pull them aside to catch up with them on Sundays. It's amazing and I love them more than I can express! I love being out here right now to help them with their insecurities, and trials, just by talking about Christ and being able to see repentance cleanse them. It's incredible to watch. EVERY WEEK. They are bombarded with something different. Satan tries SO HARD, so I am so glad we are here to be a support to them. They are doing Amazing things at bringing their friends to know the truth too. It just takes a lot of time and patience, but it's incredible!
So steer clear of pride. Read my all-time favorite talks "Beware of Pride" and "The Character of Christ" Pride really is deadly and it happens in all of us without even realizing it at first. But I KNOW through the atonement that we can dissolve it in ourselves, because I have experienced that process in myself. Satan is tricky... but we are stronger when we have Christ as the #1 priority in our life!
I love you all! Go play some laser-tag this week!! Shoot out the pride in our lives, and serve someone next to you who looks lonely. DO YOUR FAMILY HISTORY. And be in the temple.
Have a great one!! The church is true. There is nothing better.
Sister Checketts

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