Sunday, June 16, 2013

24 days...

As I prepare to leave this place behind
My thoughts are turned above,
To my father and redeemer
I feel their fervent love.

The time is getting closer
when I'll set out on my way.
I begin to count the weeks
The hours and the days.

The beginning of a journey,
A tale I'll soon convey
Of the struggles and they joys
I'll feel along the way

I'm sure the work's demanding
And the hours will drag on
As I face the taxing task
Of teaching 'til the sun is gone

There are days I'll be discouraged
And nights I'll miss my home.
My heart might just feel empty,
I may feel utterly alone.

Although concerns surround me
I must always face my fears,
And know that through my trials
My savior will be near.

I'll study scriptures daily
Pondering the words I read.
I know that if I do this
The Lord will take the lead

When my heart becomes discouraged
I know that I must kneel
And utter words unto the Lord
His love for me is real.

For I know I am His daughter
He sent me here to Earth
To preach of His true gospel
And learn of my great worth.

In my life He's never left me
And i'm sure He never will
Through trials I will face,
I must listen and be still

If I make sure my heart is open
And i'm faithful, kind and true
I'll hear the savior's words ring out
Declaring "I love you!"

So as I serve His mission
I know He'll be my guide
And if I follow in His ways
He'll be right by my side.

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