Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year <3

Hello Everyone:)
I hope you all had a great Christmas and I hope you all will have a super happy new year! 2014! I can't believe I have been around to see my 21st year. It's insane!! And I continue to grow and learn every minute. I never want to stop!
It's crazy where this past year has taken me! Going from questioning my testimony to giving up everything for it! I am so honored to be serving on the trail of the pioneers and for the chance I have had to study them and to learn of my family history and to feel their spirit SO STRONGLY out here urging me and reminding me of how IMPORTANT this gospel is! They gave up EVERYTHING!!!!!!! And there are many people out here who have sports to give up, houses to give up, and even family member relationships that have dwindled because of the conversion they had to the gospel. As I've realized lately, I would give up ANYTHING for it.
I know that Heavenly Father lives-- I have a witness of Him! I know that through Jesus Christ we can be forgiven of ALL things and strengthened through all our trials!! Even the greatest of heartaches! I know that they give comfort through the Holy Ghost, and I know that only through devoting ALL your time and effort towards the gospel, that you will receive the guidance you need to grow into who our Heavenly Father wants you to be! We all have SUCH potential!!!
I promise you that material things bring you NO eternal happiness. Learning and living the Word of God is the only way to receive enduring happiness and joy to the SOUL.
This week has been a great one:) Christmas was special and I feel so blessed to have spent it with the people I did. Sister Weber is seriously the best and the members in this ward are so generous!
Talking to my family was great! The highlight of the day <3  I do miss them:) But after hanging up the phone, I'm realizing that I wouldn't want to be ANYWHERE else that right here right now.
Staying with the Trendwood sisters was also SO GREAT!!! I have gained some amazing best friends out here <3
We were able to see our investigator family at church yesterday! They all came and the ward was WONDERFUL to welcome them! I seriously could go on and on about how much I love each person out here individually, but I wouldn't be able to express it.
Sister Weber and I have so much fun! I seriously am so blessed to have her!!
I really don't have much to report this week! I'm doing super well and coming out here has been the best decision I know I have ever made <3 <3
Fresh new year! Fresh new start!! Set goals (spiritual goals!) and make this the best year ever. I know it will be the best of MY life. 1 full year left in the mission field <3 <3
THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!! God be with you always-- I know he is!
-Sister Checketts
(we got a picture by a nunnery this week. There is one right by our house! haha. People always ask if we're nuns)

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