Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Papers Are In!

Hey There!!!

My mission papers have been submitted.....

I'm just a little excited.....

And got WAY too into taking pictures. I apologize.. haha

But this is biggggg news!

I can't stay focused on anything... school just keeps getting put father and farther on the back burner.

Sometime in the next week, leaders of the church will see my picture and information flashed up on a big screen right next to a map of the world, and they will choose and be inspired about a destination to where I will be spending the next 18 months of my life.

I repeat, I can't stay focused on anything.

Read it... do it! I bawl every time I do.

This is the real deal. And I can't express how excited I am. 

My bishop and others have warned me of all the crap that i'll be going through from now until it's time for me to leave. Satan sure works hard - and he's good at what he does, which can be a little nerve wracking. 

But the Lord is stronger. 

And I am stronger, with the Lord. So have I no doubt in my mind that I will make it. 

Especially with my support group. I have so many people standing behind me who are prepared to fight and cheer me on. It's overwhelming! But a good overwhelming.

I am so loved. And I only hope that I can spread even a portion of that love with the people of this mysterious destination. 

Soooo excited!

"It's not where you serve, but how." - David O. McKay

God Bless.

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