Monday, September 23, 2013

Another week gone by!

Time is still going by fast! So that's good I guess?
Cool week! Literally! It's getting colder and all the corn is turning yellow! The field here are way pretty.
Sister Carpenter and I's favorite past time? Record ourselves jamming out to gospel tunes in the car. We have A LOT of driving time most weeks.
We gave talks in sacrament yesterday! They were on "preparing for general conference". Sister Carpenter went up first, she gave about 6 minutes. I went up and gave a 12 minute talk and then one of the Elders gave theirs... 2 minutes. Haha this is his first transfer... Silly Elders.... :)
Hahahah We went to go visit one of our less active members who lives in this apartment building, as we were leaving the building, this old man-- 72 years old came up to us and started asking us questions. His name is Artee He told us he was in the special olympics and had won about 30 gold medals. We glanced in his apartment and his walls were FILLED with medals. He was this old man acting like he was so hip. He told us that he goes down to the club every weekend and goes dancing and invited us to accompany him. Haha we had no clue what to say... Silly old people..  
The Denkers (from Millard) called me this week! They want to drive all the way here to Iowa to see me. I miss them! They're the cutest:)
We're going over to one of our less active members houses today. Her name is Betsy. I love her so much. She lost her husband in 2009, has 4 kids that have been in and out of jail and don't really talk to her. She's raising her 8 year old grandson, and she has 12 brothers and sisters-- with whom she has no contact. We love going and talking with her and keeping her company. She came to church with us last Sunday and I started talking to her about quilting! She said she was big into quilting and said she'd teach me! When we went to visit her last week, she had pulled out all these patterns for me, made up samples, and gave me a quilting book! We're going over to her house today and she's going to teach us. I love her tons! She's the sweetest!
We're also teaching these two young girls. Lexi (14) and her friend Christina (13). They live in the trailer park nearby and are super involved with the youth in their church across the street. They really just want to bring people to Christ, so they love talking with us. Last night they mentioned how like everyone in their junior high is sexually active.
JUNIOR HIGH!! ..... I love the Utah bubble.... Makes me scared to raise kids in this world.
Then all our lessons in church yesterday were about "signs of the second coming" and how Satan is just taking over.. haha it's been an interesting week.
But guess what?!? THERE IS HOPE. And it's this gospel of Christ and the BOOK OF MORMON. Seriously, my most favorite book ever. It ALWAYS makes me feel better about life. Read it.
The Elders in our ward are having a baptism this week! He's the husband of one of our young women teachers in the ward. He's awesome and listening to him ask questions in Gospel Principles is the best. We're stoked for that:) He's a great man.
Anyway, not much more to say about this week! Just chugging along and sharing our testimony's.
Hey all ya'll.... I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! I know that it's the Book of Mormon that ties EVERYTHING we know together and, well, the book is either right, or it's not. There is no inbetween. And me, and millions of others have recieved a confirmation from the Holy Ghost that it is RIGHT. It is TRUE. I know it without a doubt in my heart. God is REAL. Christ LIVES. I have felt Him right here with me during the hard times and the good times. If we follow the commandments and do what is right, we WILL be SO HAPPY, I cannot even express to you how much I know that that is true.
These things that we, as members of the church are asked to do are NOT restrictions of ANY kind. They are guidlines from a most loving father in heaven who wants to keep us safe from harm. So follow them! And read the Book of Mormon!!
Prepare yourself for General Conference coming up. What in the world is more important than hearing a prophet speak and hearing what OUR CREATOR wants us to know?? .... Nothing is more important.
I love Thomas S. Monson. and I am proof that General Conference can change lives. The gospel changes lives ONLY for the better.
Have a terrific week!! Write me! :)
-Sister Checketts

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