Monday, September 30, 2013

hey all :)

How is it going?!
Life is good here in Red Oak, Iowa! It's been a crazy busy week, that's for sure.
First off, last monday, we learned how to quilt! We went over to a less-actives home. I LOVE HER. And she taught us how to quilt! Who knows, maybe I'll have a full on quilt done by the time I get home! That'd be cool... haha
It was 8:15pm. We had NO WHERE to be. We didn't feel like we should go and see any of our LA's or Investigators, so we said a prayer and I felt that we needed to drive to the town square. Well, NO ONE was at the square (which is unusal). We drive down a near street, I saw a porch light on and a man out sitting on a swinging bench. Sister Carpenter didn't notice him. I asked her to pull over and we walked over to him. It was about 8:25. His name is Jeremy. He is probably in his late 20's and he was sitting out by himself while his kids and wife were running around inside. His wife and childeren go the the Methodist church, and he'd checked around at different churches, but he said he just never "felt" anything at any of them. My heart smiled. We told him about why our church is different and went into the restoration. He is very intersted and wants to come to church! Yay! We gave him a BoM, told him to read and pray and gave him Moroni's promise. He said he would. We're going back this week to see him. But THANK YOU, SPIRIT!!:)
And then a lady that we met last week (kind of in this same way) we followed up with her this week and she's been reading and highlighting the BoM like crazy! They had a pipe burst in their house, so they need to move back to their old apartment and we're going to help her. She told us "I'm VERY interested!"-- Yay!! We are making a difference!:)
We had interview with President on Tuesday. Holy Cow I cannot express how much I love and admire this man. EVERYTHING he says is so profound. I wrote down in my journal all that I could remember him saying and I've taken it to heart. It was exactly what I needed to hear.
We did lots of Service this week. We helped a couple members move and unpack. Holy cow I love service. Makes me so happy:)
 The weather has been great here! Some of the members in our ward took us out on a picnic up by the FAMOUS Red Oak orange, huge water tower. It was the best:)
I've thought about grandma a lot this last week and I KNOW she is here with me.
I receieved a letter in the mail today from one of the senior couples, The Ellsworths, that I served with at the trail center. They are still serving at the trail center and they sent me the cutest card that just made my whole day. I took them and their friends on a tour one time and apparently one of the dear friends wanted them to thank me for them. Ahhh I love missions you guys :)
GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEK!!!! Crazy exciting! Sister Carpenter, at the end of the day on Saturday, got to jump in our sweats and curl up and watch the Relief Society Broadcast with the member that we live with. It was SO GOOD. I LOVE President Monson more than words can express and I am STOKED to listen to the prophets and apostles this weekend. WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT IN THIS WORLD THAN LISTENING TO A PROPHET OF GOD SPEAK??? ....I tell you what. Nothing. Nuhh thing!! :) And it's my birthday... so as a birthday present to me, will ya'll watch it? Come up with any questions you have and WATCH IT!!! I PROMISE your questions will all be answered.
Transfers are already in like only 2 weeks! I hope and pray that Sis. Carpenter and I will both stay here in Red Oak. I don't want to leave these people. Mom and Dad, I hope to bring you back here some day:) You'll get a crack out of it:):)
Sister Carpenter was a tad sick this week, so we stayed in for a day, I got a lot done with writing and journaling, and so that was good!:)
WE HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!! ... Okay, so WE didn't, but the Elders in our ward did. His name is Kyle. His wife had been a less active for a while and then she started coming back. Kyle always swore that he would never join her church. And now here he is!! He's the best:) he recieved the Holy Ghost and priesthood yesterday and our whole ward came to support. They had a get together at their house after too and it's crazy how much this ward is A FAMILY. ... Literally. Like half the ward is one family. But they're a ward family too. Anyway, There's fighting that goes on too, but they all just crack me up and I love each and every one of them. It's just like going to my family reunions. They're a hoot. Anyway, It was a great and very emotional weekend for a lot of them with Kyles Baptism. Coolest thing ever and I'm stoked to be a part of this family. Our bishop is the funniest. Anyway, enough about the ward.
I LOVE MISSIONS! They're hard....ooooooohhhhh are they hard, but I wouldn't take back the things I have learned about myself, about others, and about the gospel for ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!! This gospel is the only way. It's EVERYTHING we need to know. This world is scary- it's true. And I'm scared to raise a family in it. But I know that as long as we hold on to the gospel, EVERYTHING will be okay and we'll make it through ALL trials that we are given. The gospel is the greatest, most pure and satisfying thing this world could EVER offer. I know it. I love it. and I will live it forever and ever.
I LOVE YOU ALL and miss you and pray for you every day!
-Sister Checketts
P.s. I'm making pumpkin cookes today and hot chocolate! I LOVE FALL!!!! :)
And I'll be partying on my birthday without you all.. my past birthdays, not gonna lie, have been the BEST and this one won't be any different. Even if we can't go to a corn maze :) I'm turning 20.... holy cow.

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