Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Philippians 4:13

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."
That has been my theme this week. The Lord totally put that scriptures into my path this week.
It's been a tougher one! We're still living in the tiny apartment with the other sisters-- sleeping on mattresses on the floor and out of suitcases. It's beginning to wear on me a bit.. but no matter what happens with the REAL transfers this week-- we will for sure be moving on Friday-- where it's being transferred to another area or moving in with our new members. I'm excited:)
I hope you all had a very happy Valentines day!! Mine was actually quite enjoyable out here:) Our favorite person, April, took us to the mall and we got Sbarros for dinner (she's not in our ward boundaries but we're still having permission to talk with her) we love her sooooooo much.... I am totally coming back to hang out with her after my mission. So we ate with her and then delivered Valentines to all those that we've met so far in the ward.
It's been difficult because we really haven't met much of the ward yet. We didn't have really any dinners this last week because they didn't pass around the meal calander when we first arrived and so we haven't met many people! All the less-actives that we've tried, haven't really been to fond of us, so this is definitely a huge adjustment from any of my past areas where things have already been set up and established.
The Elders in our ward are good! Elder Brown actually came out with me-- and this is his FIRST area still. I've been out almost 8 months and this is my 4th area.... woah. And then his companions came out with my dear Sister Weber. The whole dynamic of the ward is just way different and I'm having a harder time connecting with it, but I know I'll get there :) Sister Weber and I keep saying "AT LEAST WE HAVE EACH OTHER!!" It's crazy how much I love her :)
We did go to a fun RS activity with the ward this last week. The ward is mostly elderly ladies, or young moms who are here with their student husbands and don't stay in the ward very long. So the unity in the ward is hard too. But the activity was a spa night and all these old ladies were walking around with face masks on. It was so funny:)
We had exchanges this last week and those were the best!! I went out with Sister Youngberg. She too went to Utah State and is amazing at playing the cello!! When we were shopping at Target last week, we met a cute Arabic lady named Amani who invited us to go to this restaurant that she worked at. So we went on Thursday and had Arabic food in Lincoln, Nebraska! Haha we cracked up!!
P-day was fun yesterday! The Fergusons (the people we lived with in Yankee Hill) actually came and picked us up and we went back "home" haha it was so good to be back in their house again. Melia taught us how to make her chili and cinnamon rolls YUM and then we made cards together (she LOVES scrapbooking) I felt like I was with my momma!! YAY!
We met this SOLID investigator named Sam this week. He is a single dad and has two little girls that mean EVERYTHING to him. AHHHH the spirit totally led us to him and it was such a great experience. We txted him last night to set up another appointment and he said that he wasn't really interested anymore... we spent like a half hour typing up this message to him and he said he'd think about it some more. So PRAY FOR SAM!!! Ahhhhh I want this for him and his sweet girls SO BAD!!!
Amy is doing amazing! She finished reading the BOM in less than a month and is now starting D&C. The ward donated her an awesome leather BOM and she's trying her hardest to quit smoking! Sister Weber taped a picture of the temple on one of her pack so cigarettes and she is FREAKED OUT because later that night the pack literally disappeared. She has tore her whole house apart trying to find it and it's not anywhere!! She totally loves Heavenly Father. Funny story. So Amy can do the splits still!! At 60 years old:) We have an awesome epic picture of us doing the splits together, and I would sent it except I left the chip from my camera at home :( I LOVE HER.
Anyway, it hasn't been the MOST successful week, but THE SUN IS SHINING TODAY!!! I'm wearing yellow and peach and it just feels like summer. NO COAT and it's the best feeling ever. Plus we've been able to go running again for the past two days!!! AHHHHH life is good:)
And thank you all for all your emails today.... MADE MY DAY!!! So much good news going on at home and around the world and I am so proud of all of you and feel so blessed to have you in my life!! <3 JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!!
And remember this scripture.^^^^ Christ can lead us through EVERYTHING and only through Him can we be strengthened!!
-Sister Checketts
since I forgot that memory chip, we're throwing in an older picture. US WITH APRIL!!! <3

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