Monday, February 24, 2014

Goo'day mate!

Hello Everyone:)
I hope you all are doing well:)
This week has been good! We're getting to know the ward a lot better-- I'm so bad with names... but I'm getting there!! It always takes me a while getting into a  new area to figure out everyone's stories.
WE DIDN'T GET TRANSFERRED!!! Sister Weber and I are still together in the Mahoney ward. YAY!! We did end up moving in with our members too! IT IS SOOOOO NICE TO BE BACK IN A MEMBERS HOME!!! I feel like we can finally get back to normal and get things going again. We have got the ward list all organized now so everything is all set up for us to just HIT THE ROAD RUNNING! I'm excited:)
With transfers this week, we were like the only sisters not really switching, so we got to help out most of that day with transfers- helping people move their luggage and actually being in a trio for a little while when everyone was getting shuffled around. It was SO FUN to see everyone. There are spectacular missionaries here... I love them so much!
Not tooooooo much to report on again! There is this awesome LA though that has a flying squirrel (Kelly, I thought you would appreciate;)) We got to play with it and had a super awesome spiritual lesson with her!
No one we invited to church came :(:( darn. But that's okay! They don't know what they are missing out on!
Church yesterday was awesome. The speakers and teachers all spoke directly to me. The best sundays <3
We found 5 new investigators this week!! For some reason we always find our investigators while they are just standing outside their apartment building. We just go up and start talking and  usually it's THOSE people that gain interest-- that's the ultimate kind of tracting:) We were driving down the road and I saw this man in a red hoodie just sitting on the steps outside his apt building. I turned around and we decided we'd go talk to him. His name is Trenton. He was waiting for his son to get home from school. The timing was PERFECT. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration and he gave us his number and set an appointment and then as soon as we were done, his son walked up. PERFECT. He is like 35 and has 5 kids. We're excited to work with him :)
There is this other super awesome Less Active that we are working with named Rebekah! She's from Africa and has a SUPER heavy accent. She has the sweetest kids-- they all speak Denka and she has lots of family still in Africa that is struggling with the wars going on over there. She's way cool and apparently the elders have been trying for like 6 months to get in with her-- and we got in the first time we tried <3 We're all placed in certain places for a reason. WE LOVE HER and are so excited to work with her.
Anyway, the ward is definitely growing on me!
I gave a training this last week in DM. It went pretty well and that DM was sooooo awesome:) SO MANY prayers answered and then we had a fun pot luck at the church afterwards. I love the sisters. Our district was just 2 elders and then 5 sets of sisters.. but because of transfers, we moved districts and so now we are the only sisters-- I'm actually super excited to have more elders, they are more fun! haha
Amy is still doing well! She finished the Doctrine and Covenants in 2 days and is now reading the bible. She just can't stop! AND she has dyslexia and has never really read before in her life until we came along. It's way cool:) The Jehovah Witnesses apparently came and knocked at her door this last week. She called us up after and was all "Hey! I've got 2 people I'm trying to convert! They are coming back on Wednesday and you need to be here! Also, I need help finding where all these answers to their questions are!" Haha so when we go to our apt with her on Wednesday we'll see how all this goes down.... haha Amy is the best little missionary:):) He family is constantly asking questions too. It's great :)
Anyway, things are well! I can't believe how fast time is going!!! I mean, it's almost MARCH!!! Woah.
The spirit is AMAZING!! I have realized this week just how much more guidance we receive when we are being exactly obedient! It's so great to have things back to normal again and to be unpacked:) Ahhhh so good.
I know that obedience brings blessings and I know that the Lord has felt EVERYTHING you always feel-- happy or sad, HE KNOWS. I love my Savior. I love His gospel, and I love you:)
Have a great week!
-love, Sister Checketts
PIC=My favorite sisters <3

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