Monday, March 3, 2014

Winter Never Ends!!

It's freezing here in the lovely Lincoln, Nebraska! I thought the cold was almost done for since it was in the 60's last week.. but NOPE!! We were out in the bitter cold last night. Frozen nose hairs and all :) It's actually pretty fun:)
This week had some exciting stuff in it!!
Last Monday we ate at the COOLEST house ever with our favorite other companionship of sisters!!! The man took us on a tour of the old house and it has secret passageways and art and things all over the walls. I about died.... I LOVE INTERIOR DESIGN. Their whole family is SUPER artistic with art and music. It was way fun and he took us up in this hidden loft behind an old bookshelf. Oh gosh, we were in heaven. They had a massive library too and the look of the house was really creepy on the outside. Reminded me of Harry Potter or Narnia. yeah, that was way cool:) (Stacey-- we were talking all about Organs too! They love Organs and they might know the people you bought your house from!!)
Anyway.. ZONE CONFERENCE was this last Tuesday. It was sooo good! And SO GOOD to see President and Sister Weston. They light up my life. I also saw Sister Carpenter!! She finally good moved out of Red Oak and it was so good to see her :) There were 4 zones at our conference and I can't tell you how happy and giddy I get when we get all us missionaries together. It's so powerful and so good to see such good friends:)
After Zone conference we had a "zone Olympics" We participated in running ladders, jug curls, pushups, situps and the stick pole (I dominate at stick pull!) Sister Weber totally took gold for the jug curls!! I was so proud of her:) Then the next 2 days after, she was totally paying for it. Haha she could barely use her arm because she pulled something. It was humorous and I just laughed at her competitiveness:) But she got a Priesthood blessing and in a day it was all better. The Priesthood is the BEST!!
We met with a LA named Tasha and her fiancĂ© Dave this week! They are actually getting married TONIGHT so we get to go to a wedding in the Relief Society room tonight to support them! Dave is cool! He says he totally wants to start going to our church and Tasha is trying to start coming back too. We taught them a couple times this last week and one of those times, her sister and her sisters best friend who AREN'T members were asking us allll kind of questions on marriage and why it is important. My testimony of families has deepened even more this week and I want nothing more than to be with them for eternity. (speaking of families.... I hope my parents are having a blast in HAWAII right now... I know, right? They had to go on the dream vacation without me??;) haha I still love you:) Soak up the sun for me)
Not gonna lie.. I had a couple break downs this week. This ward is a LOT harder to get started than Yankee Hill was. It's a struggle to gain relationships with the ward members and so we're doing our best to serve the members more than ever. They aren't used to having sisters in the ward and don't quite know what to do with us. But we'll get there!! There are some SUPER amazing converts in this ward with the coolest stories!
Had a break down with Amy this week-- she had a hard week. We are worried that she is getting super attached to us, so we're trying to back off and get the members over there. She'll be fine, it is also just going to take some time: )I know that our less-actives and investigators biggest spiritual grown and greatest spiritual experience will come when we AREN'T there. She told us this cool experience that she had this week though!! She told us that late during the night, she had this like purple bubble come into her view and she saw two little kids dressed in white holding on to a man also dressed in white. We were so excited and explained to her more about the temple and temple sealings. She wants NOTHING more than to have an eternal family and she's so sad because she wants to go to the temple, but doesn't believe she has really anyone to be sealed to. She never talks to her two daughters and they want nothing to do with her. We told her that we'll get her hooked up on LDS singles ;) haha.
Heavenly Father TOTALLY answers prayers... this week he answered so many of mine THROUGH other people. We had our Ward Mission Leaders wife come and talk to us this week letting us know that she cares about us. It was the coolest experience though and totally what Sister Weber and I needed. My Father knows us. He knows what we need and will always provide for us. We have got to teach the ward how to do missionary work!!
The March 2014 ensign article "I will be your light in the wilderness" totally answered my prayers this week too! It's a good one! You should read it!!
This week I have also learned the importance of magnifying our callings. If we aren't doing all we are supposed to, it puts that much work on someone else. I hope we all strive to magnify our callings!! Visiting and home teaching is SO IMPORTANT!!!
We got to see the Fergusons and April again this week from Yankee Hill!! They both separately took us out to dinner again. I GET SOOOO EXCITED TO SEE THEM!!! The Fergusons are seriously my family out here. I love them SOOOOO much. And April is truly one of my best friends!! We are SO EXCITED to come back and visit her when we got off our missions!!!!! She had been in Colorado for like a week and a half because her mom was in acoma. But she's all better now and April is so glad to be back and to have things okay again. Her trial has been pushed back AGAIN.... it never ends!! But she is the strongest woman I have ever met. Hands down!!! (plus she's an MMA fighter... haha so she's physically strong too:)
Fasting yesterday was the coolest experience. I seriously gained all the strength and motivation that I was seeking. WE CAN DO THIS!!! It's a happy day and I don't know what I would do without Sister Weber!! We know everything about each other and she is my rock and support and friend forever :)
I hope you all had a terrific week and have much to look forward to this week!! I pray for you and miss you lots! The work is going and just know that even if things aren't going perfect right now, that means we're wondering through the wilderness and just being PREPARED for our promised land <3
This church holds the one and only true gospel of Jesus Christ. He is my brother, my savior and only because of the sacrifice he made and the Priesthood we have am I able to spend eternity with my family and my Heavenly parents  <3
Just Keep Swimming!!
-Sister Checketts
Pic-- frozen road kill squirrel (tail only!!) Yeah.... Weber was FREAKING out. hahaha

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