Monday, March 10, 2014

..Summer? So quick??

... Let's not get our hopes up... Last week was FREEZING and these last two days I've got NO TIGHTS and NO COAT!!! BEAutiful!!:) We actually walked to church yesterday!! Trying to get as much exercise in as is humanly possible as a missionary with a car... haha. Except for the fact that we can't go running in the morning cause Weber lost ONE of her nike's.... hahaha but we're searching! We think the Flack's cat stole it.
This week has been FAST!! Started out last Monday with a wedding of Tashia and Dave! It was  small. Just us, the bishop, her sister and best friend. Super casual, but it's official! Tashia is a less-active member and Dave is not! We started teaching him this week and he's quite the character! He says he likes the church a lot, and they'll come every week (except they didn't yesterday :( ) But that he doesn't really care about our doctrine or praying to know for himself.. he's cool, just super chill, but doesn't really want to put in the effort... so hopefully feeling the spirit every week as they both attend will catch his attention at some point!
Our district meeting this week was WONDERFUL!!! 2 sets of the elders had baptisms this last Saturday and it's way cool being the only sisters in the district. Elders are just cool, such great insights!
We helped some less-actives in our ward move this week! I am going to be PRO, I promise. It kinda drives me bonkers when EVERY move I've helped with out here, they never have anything packed when we show up... haha lots of the brethren from the ward were there to help though and we got it done in about 4 hours.
We went to the Elders baptism this week! Oscar! His wife is a member and he's been taking lessons for a loooooooong time! His wife Sondra is completely solid. She squeals and gets soooooo giddy during church and runs around just telling people "it's true!! God is SO good to us!!" hahahah she's so fun:) We're going to try to teach her sons girlfriend!
Amy came to the baptism and yesterday was the FIRST time since we've met her that she stayed ALL 3 hours. SHE HAS COME SO FAR!!!! Oh my gosh I just love her to PIECES!!! She wore a dress for the first time (huge step) and sat up with all the old ladies and she just looked like an active member going around trying to meet everyone. She's incredible. We fixed her dinner this week! She's the best and she's like a grandma to us! The ward is great at fellowshipping her!
The Fergs came and took us to lunch again this week... SUPRISE!! They are my favorite ever. Steve bought us Rapunzel and Belle PEZ dispensers and said "I walked by and just thought of you two.." hahah I love them!
April called us this week! We talked to her for like an hour on the phone trying to help her with things that are going on. I love her so much <3 Friends forever.
We had some miracles this week too!! So we're having a super hard time getting people to progress... It's a struggle. None of the LA's we're working with really are taking anything we give them. None of our investigators are allowing us in anymore. We don't get it!! So this week we're going to focus more on finding new people because we KNOW there are prepared people out there. People that are just waiting, and this week we're determined to find them, even if it means putting some others aside for a while.
We found a LA name on the ward list to go see and when we got to the apartment door, there was a man standing outside. His name is Bear. We asked if he new the person we were looking for and apparently she'd been gone for quite a while. But he practically ripped the Book of Mormon out of my hands and asked us to tell him more! So we taught him and still have yet to find him again, but the apartment next to him was open and the lady inside yelled "what is that book??" .... "Oh, I have one of those!" So we started talking to her and come to find out she used to live with some recent converts in our ward and she had taken lessons with them. WE FOUND A FORMER INVESTIGATOR!! We're going by to see her tomorrow, but we left super excited. YAY
Also, as we were walking home from church yesterday, there were some kids out skateboarding that I went and talked to, got their mom to come out, SUPER awesome family! One of the daughters had a friend invite her to a different ward activity and had given her a Book of Mormon and the family was trying to find how to learn more because their switching churches. (YAY FOR  YOUTH MISSIONARIES!!!) BAM we show up. I hope this is the family we've been praying to find.
Anyway!! A promising week ahead! And to make it even better, there was a visible SUNSET yesterday!!!!
God IS good!
Been thinking a lot lately about Moroni 7:19-- Make all our decisions IN the lord, and we will never go astray!! We are his children and his advice and council is always there if we but ask him and involve him IN our decisions!!
I love you all!! have a great week!!
-Sister Checketts
-pic: us and Amy at church <3

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