Monday, March 17, 2014

I Can Only Imagine

A dog peed on my foot this week. Yup, it happened! The nonmember husband of a LA woman walked over handing me a towel and was all "uhh... you might want to wipe off your shoe.." cause their dog got a LITTLE too excited.... #missionlife
We had so many ward parties this week! Tuesday was the Relief Society Birthday Party! Amy came and we were sooooo excited because ALL BY HERSELF she went into the bishops office to talk to him and she is just SOOO friendly with all the ladies, holding their babies and joking with the kiddos. SHE'S THE BEST!!!!
We got her hooked up on LDS Singles this week... hahahah! She "just wants to find her eternal companion!"
We also had our ward dinner on Thursday! It was a potato bar and there was a super good turn out! ... they ran out of potatoes it was so good! Haha :) We had a fun time cleaning in the kitchen with all the ladies afterwards and Sister Weber got water all down the front of her skirt... ooops! It was hilarious.
The weather has been AWESOME!!! We've been able to go running every day and are averaging about 2 1/2 miles every morning. It's a good time!! I LOVE WARM WEATHER!!!! The sunsets have been AMAZING, I have missed them so much!! And it's been a FULL MOON for the last couple of nights. <3 Ahhhhh God is so good <3
Had some SWEET miracles this last week!!
We were walking around in this wonderful weather going to find some LA's and we walked past this house with an adorable dog attached to the fence. We kept walking because there were some people outside ahead of us we wanted to talk to. We talked to them for like 5 minutes.. they were NOT interested :/ so we kindly left back to where we came from. We walked past the house with the dog again and this time the garage was open and there was a lady moving boxes around in it. We introduced ourselves and asked if we could help and she was kind hesitant at first but then opened right up to us and let us jump in. In our dress clothes we helped her pack up boxes  and clean out the garage. She is SO COOL!!! She went to Julliard school of the arts and is an actress. She has two kids now so she really only does plays at the local theatre here in town. She's an amazing chef and was 3 people away from making it on this cooking competition that is on TV. She has two MIRACLE babies, is a cancer survivor. It was the coolest thing ever! She's Catholic but says she's "not as active as I should be" and she LOVES Salt Lake City! She kept saying over and over again how much she appreciated all our help and wants us to come back over so she can cook for us this next week. She is going to be AWSOME to work with!! But the sad part is that we were helping her pack because they are moving at the end of the month:( STILL IN LINCOLN!! But in a different ward. So we're going to start working with her family until then, but it was so cool!! We love them. We left and Sister Weber was all "Well, I'm thinking that might be the family we've been praying for! God is on that one, because we've been praying to FIND a family, when we should have been praying to TEACH a family..." haha it was so cool:)
We also were out tracting one day and both felt prompted to go knock on this one apartment door. 2 cute kids answered and we said we'd try back. When we went back to meet their parents, it turns out that she is a long lost sister of a LA family in our ward. MIRACLE!! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! Her sister got baptized about a year ago and she'd like us to come visit them so that she could learn more. GOD IS SO GOOD!!
Met a sweet couple that were moving into an apartment the other day. The guy told us they had moved to Lincoln for a family emergency-- he flat out told us what apartment they lived in. I don't think he knew he we were, he just saw us coming out of the building when they finished unloading the car and probably thought that we lived there too. SWEET!! We're bringing them "welcome to Nebraska" cookies and have the faith we'll get in to teach them. haha:)
Then we had a nonmember woman named Connie who is the wife to a LA man-- WE LOVE this couple. Connie called us and gave us news that her son that we'd be praying would get this new job, GOT THE JOB and Connie was SO excited! We're seeing MUCH progression in her too <3
It's been slow coming, but miracles always happen because God hasn't ceased to be a God of miracles. He loves us so much and wants to provide miracles in our lives <3
Went to eat at King Kong w/ the Elders in our ward and our mission leader this week! I LOVE GYRO'S!! I've also gained an incredible love for tuna-- dad, you would be proud :) hahaha
We went with the Sullivan's in our ward and with Amy to the Trail Center on Saturday!! SHE LOVED IT!!!! She is a pioneer being the only member in her family now. She wants nothing more than to get to the temple!!
While at the Trail Center I got to see some of my good friends!!! SISTER BROUGH!!! I got to talk to my mission momma for a good time <3 I LOVE HER!!! Also, Elders Johnson (in my district when I was in Red Oak- SUPER cool kid) and Tatafu (served in my first area with me) were there!! I hadn't seen them FOREVER and they sung a song for us. Told us a cool story that they are teaching this serial killers wife. HAHA I miss them! 
Helped a LA woman we're working with MOVE this week. She's still in our ward boundaries though, so YAY.
This next week will be GREAT!! We have exchanges, A TEMPLE TRIP!!!, I'm giving another training, and it's the General Woman's Meeting this weekend. You know what that means?? CONFERENCE IS COMING!!!!!
Anxiety for transfers coming up in 2 weeks.... Oh man, I know a change is coming!!!
With the full moon last night, we pulled up in front of the house right with the song "I Can Only Imagine" came on on my CD. We BLASTED it and closed our eyes.
I love my Savior, I love my Father in Heaven SO MUCH!!! This area so far has been a little difficult and I'm definitely on a continual path of learning patience, but He provides miracles and they are both SO AWARE of our situations. I can only imagine how I will act when I see them both again. I'll probably dance around and cry and collapse and that hug that they will give when we see them again will be one that can't compare with ANYTHING else in or of this world.
Keep going strong. Listen to the song, and pray to our Father in Heaven. He loves you. You're brother, Jesus Christ cries with you, and we are never alone <3
I love you too. This gospel is TRUE and nothing else in this world can heal us more than the gospel in this church.
-Sister Checketts
Pic- Sullivans, Amy, and us at the Trail Center

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