Monday, April 21, 2014

"I Have Overcome the World"

I have to apologize....
I typed up a big email last week, but then being the space case that I am sometimes, I forgot to push SEND.
So today is your lucky day!! 2 big emails in one week:) ENJOY!!
This week has been so good! Easter Week-- nothing you like my sweater? (.. sorry "Sadie Hawkins Dance" song...) Okay, that was lame.
ANYWHOOOOO. It's been a week of miracles-- they are ALWAYS weeks of miracles.
So, MONDAY. We meet a cool dude. All of our appointments had fallen through and so we decided to go out tracting. We pulled up to this apartment complex and saw a young kid with a GIANT fro and a pick sticking out of his hair. We quickly said a prayer and jumped out of the car. He was walking away so I yelled "HEY, we have a question for you!" And he stopped and waited for us as we ran to him.... I had no idea what I was going to ask him, I just wanted him to stop walking, so a question just kinda fell out... "Do you know anyone your age that lives around here?" He looked at us all confused and said "Well how old do you think I am?". DUH... I felt stupid. Sister Muasau said "18?"... He said he was 19, so close! He just moved to Kearney about a month and a half ago, didn't have his phone or car here yet, and was looking for a church to go to on Sundays. He grew up Lutheran. We told him about our game nights that we have every Saturday night and got super excited cause he loves to play basketball. His name is Brian. So all throughout the week we would stop by to remind him about game night and Saturday day we stopped by to make sure he was still planning on it. We had one of the YSA members go to pick him up, but he never answered the door. So we know he is interested, but we'll keep trying:) It was a bummer he didn't come... Game night was still a blast though! The YSA members are trying to teach me skills in volleyball and basketball. I'm HORRIBLE at double dribbling (my bros would be ashamed ;)) But I'm getting better! Hahah
So cool thing about YSA? We get to do cool activities most missionaries don't get to do. For Family Home Evening on Tuesday, we had a really good lesson at our Relief Society Presidents house, then we got to go BOWLING!!! yaya!!! I was rocking it at first and then I totally lost.... but it's cool:) The members here are great fun!
We went over to one of our VERY shy less-active members this last week and she loves our company but doesn't like to talk about the gospel as much. But we've convinced Sarah to help us build a Book of Mormon board game because she loves creating board games! So that's fun!
We had Zone Training this last week--- ahhhhhh Zone stuff and District Meetings are my favorite part of the week. Having all our fellow missionaries get up and tell their miracles that they have seen within the last week, it's the best thing ever:) We're helping our Heavenly Father to change lives out here in NOM:) I love my missionaries!!
The Kearney Elders taught our mission prep class this last week. And it was nice enough weather that we held it outside on the grass of the church. SO BEAUTIFUL!! It's getting to the point now when we get to see the sunsets again and the sunrises when we go walking in the morning. Nebraska sky-- it's one of a kind! Mission prep was really cool though because we helped 2 of the girls planning to go on missions role-play with the elders:) It was so fun to see them and remember how I felt before I came out. It's crazy how fast we grow and how much confidence and love we have in talking to anyone and everyone.
UNK, the university does this cool thing every week for their international students. It's called "Conversation Tables" Many international students come to gather at the lunch room and they just talk with anyone who volunteers so that they can learn English better. It's really cool! So we volunteered and got to talk with a guy and girl from Brazil. They asked what we were doing in Kearney and he looked at our name tags and was like "oh, are you from that church? I had some guys with those tags on talk to me when I was back home in Brazil one time!" SO COOL!! It's amazing to feel the influence of our other missionaries across the world. We really are all on the Lord's team!! One GIANT, worldwide team!! We invited them to game-night since we can't really proselyte on campus at all.
On Wednesday after zone training in Grand Island, we were SO determined that we were going to give away a copy of the Book of Mormon. It was getting late, about 8:45 and we needed to be home at 9 and we still hadn't given one away. We could have EASILY been like, no, we'll just try again tomorrow and lazily driven home, but NO we were determined. Sister Muasua followed the spirit in leading me to this street. Silence in the car except for "right, left, right, that house!" (She is amazing at following the spirit) and when we parked the car, a lady in the house by us came out on her porch. HER! We felt we had to talk to her. We went up to her, her name is Sarah, her roommates name is Megan, and they are both on the woman's basketball team at UNK. Sarah committed to taking the lessons and we found out that Megan had been on a tour of our church building with the family ward's bishop and she has family that lives in Clinton & Sunset, Utah!!!!!! SO COOL. They headed home for Easter this last weekend, so we'll get in touch with them this week, but PERSERVERANCE!! That is something that has been on my mind a lot lately.
We went to visit and sing to a couple ladies in the church while they have been at the hospital this last week, one of them got her leg amputated... :( It's been SO GREAT to get to know them <3 <3
We're singing in stake conference in two weeks with the other two sisters! SO EXCITED!! It's been great to get to sing again:) I LOVE being around Sister Call and Sister Dumont all the time now too! It's great serving in the same area as them, and our Elders are the best, too!!
We took a trip to Lexington on Friday to try to find some of our LA's that live out there. MIRACLE DAY!! We talked to SO many people and I truly realized that day the power of SISTER missionaries. There are 2 sets of elders in that area, and we knocked on a couple doors that were all "oh, we saw the guys come by a couple days ago, but I told them to go away, but you can come in!" We truly need more sisters to serve missions!! We make a difference:) The elders do amazing work too, and I look up to them in so many ways, but sisters ARE important. They were the nicest people! We committed one man to meet with the Lexington elders and were able to get into a LA's house. A 25 year old woman with 5 kids-- the oldest being 10. CUTEST FAMILY I EVER SAW!!! She hadn't been to church in about 10 years and said that she should start going again-- and committed her to meet with the elders too. GOOD DAY.
We AGAIN did service at the Robinsons farm this last week, with the other sisters, the elders, and a bunch of those from the family ward. We helped TRY to put in like 250 trees at their farm. SO FUN:) I love the farms!
Anyway, it's been a great week. And Easter made it THAT much better!
Sunday = "Son Day" What a super special day. If you haven't had the chance to watch the church's Easter video, DO IT. That is my commitment to you this day. And I promise you that if you do, you will realize why He is so important. He IS our Savior. He has saved us and He is everything. We need to turn to Him because He has "overcome the world" and with His help, we can too.
Yesterday, while watching this video at our dinner appointment, I felt Christ's STRENGTH, POWER, INDEPENDENCE, and UNBREAKABLE relationship between Him and our Father in Heaven. I can't even comprehend Christ strength. And He gained His strength because of His love for YOU. Just image the strength that we can have as a people and an individual if we take the time to get to know one another, to understand one another, and to have our love for one another grow. I believe that the more we love our fellow men, the more we will realize the love Heavenly Father and Christ have for us, and the more love we have for Them.
LOVE.... "Love is all you need."
I KNOW that my Redeemer Lives. <---- what comfort that sweet sentence gives.
I hope you all know that Some "Bunny" in Nebraska loves you!! Have a great week!
-Sister Checketts
Sorry about no picture in this one... my device isn't really working on this computer :P

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