Monday, April 21, 2014

The Lord is My Strength

I just love you more than the birds-- and that's saying something<3
This has been the greatest week! I hope all is well with you.
I LOVE MY COMPANION!!!! We have the greatest fun together and laugh constantly-- I'm sure Heavenly Father just shakes his head at us sometimes... hahah:) It's the best:)
SO MUCH GOOD this week. Always.
So funny story, we had Jehovah witnesses knocking at our door this week. We had just finished studies and were heading towards the door. Bowing our heads to pray before we headed out when we heard knocking at our door... We looked at each other so confused. I mean who knocks on a missionaries door? When we have a picture Christ on the outside? We opened it and this dad and his kid were standing there inviting us to their church. Jdubbs.... it happened. We very much thanked them talked for a wee bit, then closed the door and giggled our heads off, Then continued to bow our heads and pray for them on our way out. LOVE IT.
I love YSA... more than words.... SO MANY ACTIVITES going on!! We got to walk around campus a lot this last week teaching a LA in the music building and such... Guess who came to perform at the college this week? Scotty McCreery... yes.... We got a picture of his bus. WHAT? Cool stuff:)
We taught FHE to the YSA branch this last week--- seriously some of the coolest cats of college kids I've met:) They are super fun. GO YSA. It was a super cool experience sittin on the floor of their apartment and watching the restoration DVD. There are multiple return missionaries and many preparing to go, so it's the best:)
had interviews with Pres this week! I LOVE THAT MAN. He is so inspired and us and the other sisters that serve in the Kearney Family ward learned so much:) It scared me though talking to president because he made me realize how super SHORT of time I have on my mission left:(:( Never again after 9 months will I ever be a set apart missionary in this body in this life until I go with my hubby one day. How sad is that?!?! I never want to leave.
He also made me realize how special it is to be serving in this YSA branch. Our mission only has 3 YSA branches/wards and ours is the only one with sisters. Not many sisters in this mission will get this opportunity. And it's funny because usually when I see him, he prepares me that I'll be moving on to a new area soon... sorta. But this time he said not to expect movement anytime soon. So I hope I'm here for a good CHUNK of the mission. (yes, my friends reading this, I'm getting over many of my strange fear of words).
Our district is the best too.... it's going to be the best fun! I can't believe how fast even this week has gone by!!
Hump day was exciting! We went back to our apartment to eat lunch. I'm sitting on the couch taking a bit of my wrap when there was another knock at our door. HELLO PACKAGE!! YAY! Thanks Mom and Dad:)
We have ants invading our apartment though-- no biggie:)
We had an intense lesson with the kid- Andrew that invited us to his Lutheran service last week. Man, it was a toughy. It's hard teaching those our own age cause it's intimidating but our strength is in the lord and with Him on our side we can be bold. All Andrew wants to do is compare our church with his and this week I just flat out told him "You're missing some things" And he got real taken back by that. But we were meeting with him in a loudish café and the spirit just slammed when I said it. But then I got all sheepish and tried to cushion and comfort what I'd just said--- gah.... I don't know why I did that, but hopefully it got him to think. He's still cool with us and we'll see him sometime this week hopefully.
I know we're YSA... but we have this cool cool investigator named Arlys... she's 86. Her husband passed away 2 years ago and I have never seen a couple so in love.... she still loves him SO MUCH. She is such a Christian lady and LOVES Mormons!!! We had the coolest lesson with her-- she's reading the Book of Mormon. She is the most active 86 year old ever!! Still does yoga and  everything!! Anyway, yesterday we had a hecka blizzard out of NO WHERE!! (I haven't worn a coat all week and then during church BAM--- there were wrecks all over the place cause you couldn't seen anything outside!! So after it stopped we went to shovel her driveway. She's the best and it's sooooo sad because yesterday she was type writing her own obituary :( LOVE HER.
WE DID SO MUCH SERVICE ON THE FARM THIS WEEK!! There is a family in the family ward that lives on this farm in the BEAUTIFUL middle of no where (Nebraska is seriously sooooo gorgeous:):)) And so they called us up and we got to feed their new baby calves, till their HUGE garden, and chase all their chickens and pigs around. I seriously want to spend a Summer on a farm... I love it so much! Reminded me of spending time on grandma and grandpas farm. needless to say, I'm so sore!
It didn't help that that same night we had GAME NIGHT!! Every Saturday the branch and  the members invite a ton of friends come to the church for game night! We played volleyball and basketball and soccer. I love YSA cause we get to do all these fun fun activities!! But yes, I'm sore:) And my sport skillz are improving:)
Yesterday after the branch block at church, on of the branch leaders put on a Passover dinner... bitter herbs--- I'm tellin ya. DON'T TRY THEM!!!! I almost couldn't breathe... haha They got a video of all of us eating them at the same time.. OWWWW!!!!! Hahah It was so fun:)
We have a blast and we have a lot of work to do this week!:):) All the students are stressin about finals-- so GOOD LUCK TO ALL THOSE IN WHOM IT APPLIES!!!!! The Holy Ghost will "bring all things to your remembrance" All the info is in your brains--- you can do it:)
Favorite scripture we memorized this week:
2 Nephi 22:2 "Behold, God is my salvation. I will trust and not not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation."
The Lord is our strength-- whether he gives us strength to life giant railroad ties, or till a garden, or push cars out of the snowbanks, or killing a goal in soccer, or making it through finals..... if we do what He asks and beyond, He will be our strength, our added strength, and He is our grace. <3 We are saved by WORKS AND GRACE  Our works show our love for the Lord our God. <3
Have a great week! Give the missionaries a referral for me:)
-Sister Checketts
Us, Cornell, and Jose <3

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