Monday, May 19, 2014

Be A Missionary!!


GREAT WEEK!!! Whoooo Kearney is the place to be! It's been fun.

MIRACLES ARE REAL #ibelieveinmiracles

Obedience is KEY!!

We were able to see the blessings of FASTING this last week! We have a LA who has lost like everything and we fasted with him-- he got offered a job, is able to get a new apartment, and his wife is still being tricky,,, but he's been able to see his kids this last week. IT'S A MIRACLE!!!! Cherish the miracles and don't take them for granted <3

At church yesterday we had 5 less-active return back! It was great! 3 of which haven't been in FOREVER!! We got to sing again in sacrament, I LOVE IT!!! Our Branch President secretly recorded it cause he's obsessed with our arrangement of the EFY medley. Hahah it was great. I love music and how easy it is for the spirit to be there when we sing. We are also singing in ZONE CONFERENCE tomorrow!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! The conference is being held in Lincoln, so I get to go back and see all my friends there! Most especially- SISTER WEBER!! Yay!!!

BTW-- Transfers were this last week and Mushu and I are STAYING in the Kearney YSA ward. YAY!! I have this feeling that I know we will get a baptism this transfer. My faith is strong! They YSA out here are amazing. The switching on transfers all over the mission this time was SUPER small.

We've been trying this last week to interpret our dreams. Haha it's crazy how when we think back to a dream and try to see why Heavenly Father gave us that dream that we are able to gain lots of insights about the gospel. It's so fun:) And if you often forget your dreams when you wake up-- PRAY and ask Heavenly Father to help you remember them. It works!! What are your crazy spiritual dreams??? "I had a dream once..."  (it's Disney, don't judge)

It was my past comp-- Sister Carpenter's birthday this last week, So since she is super close to Kearney now, they drove up and we went to dinner. Fun stuff!

Can I just tell you how sweet family history is??? SOOOO I have the coolest ancestors. And with each one that I have found out about, I have been serving IN the area where a big part of their story takes place. Right now I'm by the Platte river and have recently come across an ancestor I have that was a big part in helping the pioneers to cross the Platte River. There is no doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father sent me here to Nebraska to walk in their footsteps. To learn of them, and to become like them. Some of the most faithful people I have ever known-- my ancestors. They gave up EVERYTHING for the church and the gospel. Wealth from their homelands, alllll manner of possessions. They are the greatest and I LOVE NEBRASKA.

Gave the BEST mission prep class this last week--- just sayin. We rotate between the other missionaries in teaching it and last minute, the other sisters couldn't and so we got to teach it. SUPER last minute-- and that is how we know that the spirit was ALL in directing it. It was the coolest lesson and these future missionaries are going to work WONDERS. They are the best!!

We had our DEEP CLEAN this last week-- end of transfers and so we rearranged our whole apartment and we get to have sleepovers everynight with my two other favorite sisters-- Sister Call and Sister Dumont-- they had to move out of their members home for 10 days so we get to have them with us. It's been the GREATEST blessing:):):) I love them!!!

We had many REAL good lessons this week, but it is so sad to see people use their agency to choose their will and not God's... These 3 separate guys that we taught: Andrew, Rafeon, and Bryan are all seeking for the truth, but they have NO desire to TRY reading the Book of Mormon, or to TRY to SINCERELY pray, or to TRY to experiment upon the gospel. They just won't do it because they "go with the flow" DON'T EVER GO WITH THE FLOW!!!! It's a lazy way to live. learn of the gospel, and LIVE IT. Live it Strictly and obediently and stand up for it!! Don't just move with the current because the waves will lead you into CRASHING on the shore. I wish we could just get them to understand. But we have been given the opportunity of agency--- so use it wisely . CHOOSE WISELY and be CONFIDENT and BOLD in that declaration.

We're working on finding new investigators and really getting this small (but growing) branch, to be in unity and love one with another.

I love working with the young single adults because their minds are so open to learning new things, but the are also still in the process of discovering the world, and they don't want guidelines to follow, so it's hard because I know JUST HOW IMPORTANT those guidelines are.

Always be aware of the strength of your faith and figure out where your faith and testimonies need to be strengthened.

You can do it!! I promise! Because the Lord is always with you.

Mission Scripture D&C 68:6 :)

I love you all! Good luck with everything at home! Big life decisions and everything. It looks like a blast!
These are the best days of my life #deep but the best is always yet to come!

-Sister Checketts

"don't just serve a mission, BE a missionary!!!!" <----yes, that means you.

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