Tuesday, May 27, 2014


"Flip, Elder!"
So, my coolest companion and I made this pact during companionship inventory last week. We were setting goals and she pointed out that I say "I don't know" a lot.. and she does too. So we pacted that every time either of us would say it, we would "flick" each other.
It went on for like 5 days and then I was getting flicked so much that I just gave up. I was like "FLIP, SISTER!! Stop flicking mee!" haha it was the funniest thing ever. Thing I'm most excited to see when I get home? Best Two Years, because even though it was my favorite movie before the mish.... now I'm going to be able to relate in all sorts of ways. YAY!!!!
WHOOOO for this last week!!! Holy Hops, so much happened!!
Last Monday was fun! We were able to do a BBQ with the elders and some of the branch member and got to play Volleyball at the sand court. SO COOL. It was burning hot this week-- bring on the humidity!!!
But we also had this wicked awesome storm! So sister Muasau calculated our miles for the next two weeks and we totally thought we would be going over, so we did a lot of walking this week. We had an appointment on campus with one of our less-active members (Shai) She is TOTALLY going to be famous one day. NO JOKE. Anyway, we walked over to campus and after our lesson as we were walking back to our apartment for dinner, we passed through this park and out of nowhere is just started DOWNPOURING. In less than like 10 seconds we were soaked from head to toe!!!! It was the funnest thing ever. So we swang on the swings at the park for a sec! The downpour only lasted maybe 10 minutes and so it stopped raining, the roads flooded and we were trudging up the "hills" (we're in Nebraska, don't get to crazy with the hills) on our way home. I totally felt the pioneer spirit come over me and totally related to my ancestors for a short second. It was way fun. We got back to the apartment and the other sisters are staying with us, and they too got soaked to the bone. So we laughed! We opened our soaking wet bags to take out our scriptures and PMG and materials and let them dry. MIRACLE!! The Book of Mormon is so protected I can't even handle it!! My scriptures were PERFECTLY dry, and my PMG only had a small corner wet. Sister Muasua's poor PMG was soaked, and her quad was wet... but it was only the bible that got wet!!! She shuffled through the pages and the wetness stops RIGHT before the book of Mormon begins. The other copies of the Book of Mormon that we were carrying were also as dry as can be. It was such an extra testimony builder!!
Definitely the closest we will get to swimming:) So fun!
We had Zone Conference this week! Oh boy I was so excited! I didn't wipe that grin off my face the whole day! I drove and we carpooled with other sisters back to LINCOLN!! My old stomping grounds! We got to stay with a family that I knew for the night and then went to my old chapel for zone conference. I cannot express how good it was to see everyone and meet all the newbies!! It was the best:) We sang our EFY medley version and had the BEST trainings! This time around it was all about our FUTURES. Kinda scary... haha and strange that Pres was telling us to think of our futures and set goals and plans for what we want. WHAT? WE CAN DO THAT? hahah. So we talked about our future families a lot and marriage and such. It was great!! It was great to see Weber, too! I hope and pray that she is doing alright!!! She's the cutest:)
We were able to do this service project this last week for the community called "walk out on your job" We made sack lunches and helped as people left their jobs for lunch, went on a mile walk and got a healthy sack lunch. It was fun!
Our Branch President Crocket moved to San Diego this last week, So we're a little concerned about how everything is going to work now with him commuting every weekend.... and there is lots of drama going on in the branch that we're trying to work out and bring UNITY to. Everyone that we bring to church for the first time, the members aren't the greatest at welcoming, so our big focus is working on the branch members right now to strengthen them. I hope it's working:) But we have seen big miracles and lots of referrals from it! We have 4 really good investigators that we are working with, but we have to travel around to go teach them, so it's a little tricky.
The Fergusons came through Kearney yesterday to see their son, so they stopped and took us to breakfast. They are seriously family. I love them sooooooooo much!!!!!
Yesterday for Memorial day, we were also able to go with some memebrs in the family ward to see a reenactment of the civil war out here at Fort Kearney. FUN! We got to participate and be in the war with many other people there and pretend as though we were shooting rifles. ahhaha the closest we'll get to shooting fire-arms tooo... man, we did a lot of things this week to getting close to bending the rules ;) FAKE swimming and FAKE shooting guns.... silly.
It's been a great week! We're doing our best to stay busy, and even though storms arise and we may get DRENCHED with Satan-- filing our heads with negativity and inadequacy, as we repent and turn to prayer, our Father and Savior will help us to be washed CLEAN again. They want us to be happy and we should never give up on anyone, including ourselves, because our Savior and Father will NEVER give up on us.
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Just keep swimming!!!!!! Time goes by wayyyyy faster than you will ever expect!!
Keep going strong. Know that I love you and pray for you often!! I have the greatest family and friends ever. Thank you for all your support!!
-Sister Checketts

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