Monday, August 11, 2014


Hello everyone:) Soooooo this week has been crazy, THEY ALWAYS ARE!!!!
First off, Happy Birthday to my sweet Sister, Kelly!! And to my dear niece, Annelise this last week:) I'm sorry if I miss birthdays, people... I'm so bad with dates... hah
AHHHHHH Sooooooooooooooo many emotions this week....!!! I've been on a major roller coaster. I'll start off by just somewhat going through the week:)
Monday we were able to teach our dear friend Kylee's best friend Jordan, the restoration. Kylee is on her mission in Ohio, so she gave us Jordan as a referral and it's soooooo great being able to teach one of our friends, best friend!! Jordan really enjoyed the restoration and we have another appointment with her this upcoming week:) WAY TO BE AN EXAMPLE KYLEE!!!:):)
That night we had FHE, Oh man, Muasau and I were SOOOO EXCITED for FHE!! We'd planned this AWSOME lesson:) A lot of the members in the branch have been holding onto drama and things lately and we just want them to LET IT GO --- yeah, you're probably singing the song now ;)) But, we asked them what the difference was between a trial and a burden.... Burdens are something that we hold on to, something that weighs us down. When we hold onto our trials rather than just growing from them and moving on. We need to let our trials go. So my dear friend, Eliza gave me some advice one time to write a letter to myself as if it was from my Heavenly Father, so we had them all go off into separate places at the park and write a letter to themselves. It REALLY helped out one of our members, Andee and she came crying on my shoulder because she had extremely felt the love from Father. (Thank you Liza <3) Then I was able to read a poem that my dear friend, Chakell had written to the whole YSA and they all loved it and wanted a copy of it (So thank you, Chakell) So YA'LL ARE CHANGING LIVES OUT HERE IN NEBRASKA!!! yay for friends <3 But then at the end of the lesson, Muasau and I had purchased some balloons and we had them go up to the top of this SUPER tall tower at the park here and we all tied our "burdens" to the end of the balloon and let off our balloons. It was SO GREAT:):) And we found out that another church had found out about the idea and they were doing it for an activity this week... haha sooooo we pretty much rule Kearney... lol jk:) But it was an awesome experience. One of our LA's that hasn't been in FOREVER was there and he really enjoyed it.
Muasau cut her long beautiful hair this week!!! She's crazy:) But I love her SO MUCH.
We got a text from Ruben this week..... it was so sad.... he said he wanted to stop investigating because he didn't feel welcome in the branch. He said if it was any other ward/branch, he would probably still be investigating, but for right now, he has stopped. It's because of a bad break up that he had with one of our members... SO SAD. We love him so much!!! But he'll start again once things cool off. He really is doing this for him, it's just hard to be around the branch members that are such good friends with his ex. #datingdrama #welcometoYSA
We had dinner at our friend Kaylie's house this week.. her husband is in the Navy, so she's by herself A LOT. She had us over for dinner, fixed us alfredo, and when I went to put pepper on it (yes, I'm my mothers daughter) the grinder broke and all the pepper kernels went all over my plate.... needless to say I smelt like pepper for a good while... haha and it was a VERY seasoned meal. Musasa was laughing so hard.
We got a call from one of our dear friends, Cornell who is now living in Lincoln. He called one of our members so he could talk to us. He hasn't been going to church again lately because he is having really  small issues with the commandments that are holding him back from agreeing with the church... We explained to him that the commandments aren't "rules" to follow, we know that Heavenly Father has a MUCH greater knowledge than we do, so we should trust him and so what he asks us to do. We keep the commandments because it shows how much we LOVE our Father in Heaven, and it shows that we know that they prophets are true. I miss that kid...
Then we got transfer calls.... Dun Dun Duunnnnnnnnn.
We got a call Thursday morning, we both pretty much knew that Muasau would be leaving:(:( We had anxiety about it all week! Haha. Our Zone Leaders called to let us know that Sister Muasau was moving to Sioux City, Iowa and I would be staying in YSA with........ SISTER GOLDSBERRY!!!!! Yes, my MTC companion!!:)
I was SHOCKED. Literally. And I know I was shocked because when the conversation was over.... I was all "Thanks elders! Love ya!"....... then all we heard was LAUGHING on the other end...... had I seriously just said that????? HAHAH we were laughing so hard..... Muasau goes "To make this less awkward.... I love you too, Elders!" hahahahha #MostEmbarrassingMoment Yeah, I'm gonna hear about that forever.
So yes, Sister Goldsberry and I are together again! She was my MTC companion for 5 days and then she went home from the MTC because she twisted her ankle.. She came back out about 4 months later. So she's accident prone and she laughed sarcastically when she realized how many sports we play.. haha She gets sick a lot, already lost her cookies once... but we're doing good:)
I had never cried so hard when I had to say goodbye to Sister Muasau.... :(:( She became my best friend and I totally miss her lots. The YSA is NOT the same without her. The YSA actually threw her a little surprise party at Sonic that night. It was the FUNNEST thing ever!!
But not only did she leave. BOTH of the Elders did too :(:( Our whole group got separated and we found out today that this is the biggest change in transfers that has taken place in this mission. So we have 2 new elders who are white-washing, and one of them is a greenie. Kearney is SO different!
Sunday was soooooo funny yesterday though. Our branch is the BEST!!! Our YSA does NOT know how to manage time... they show up late to EVERYTHING, so we're trying to work on that. We were supposed to have 3 speakers yesterday, but the first two speakers each went OVER 10 minutes in their talks, so not only did our third speaker not get to speak, but we went over 15 minutes after sacrament was supposed to end.... hahah
And #onlyinYSA do you hear the gospel compared to Star Wars, Goonies, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings and then have the next speaker stand up and call the last speaker a "gangster" and "thug" in a good way OVER THE PULPIT. hahahahhah
Yup, #WelcomeToYSA Sister Goldsberry!!
This has probably been one of the hardest changes for me to go through on my mission so far. Which is surprising to most, because I've opened 2 areas, trained, and then had to switch areas in the MIDDLE of the transfer. YSA is intimidating and now I'm having to do it without Muasau-- EEEEK. She was just MADE for YSA.
So this will be fun:):)
Sister Goldsberry told me this awesome quote though this morning that goes:
"Life is like a piano, the good times are the white keys, the hard times are the black keys, but a lot of times we forget that it's BOTH the white and black that make the music"
And not only is the piano ALWAYS there and ALWAYS playing, but if we play it well enough, in the next life, we'll have an ORGAN. :):)
I love you all!!!! I thank you so much for all your love and support. I LOVE GROWING and CHANGING and I know each of us do that every single day.
Good Luck to those starting school again! Remember to always make the gospel #1 in life and your studies will come sooooo much more clearly. I PROMISE!!
Love you all!!
Stay sweet!!
Love, Sister Checketts

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