Monday, January 12, 2015

Cherish Every Moment

Bomb digity!! This week has been sweet!
So we've been going through our former investigator sheets this week to see if any of them are more interested now than they were in the past. There was one of this man named JOE. So we pulled up to his house during the day this last week and the back of the record says "call before trying". Sister Toutillott wanted to come back another time after we'd try to call, and I was like "no, we're already here!" So we went to go try him and his cute wife from the Philippines answered the door, let us in and told us to sit on the couch while she went to go get him. Well, we ended up sitting down with both of them for 2 hours-- literally sitting on the floor of their BEAUTIFUL home, (it was really plain and white-- reminded me of the temple) surrounding their coffee table, and went through ALL 5 of the lessons. We had explained to them that we taught 5 lessons to people and he started with "well, what is lesson one??" Then we explained pieces of the restoration, then he was all "well, what is lesson two?" And we went all through them. He is the most prepared man I have ever met!! He seemed to be teaching US the whole time- he knows so much. And his wife was so happy and agreeing with everything. It was a MIRACLE and the biggest one I have seen in a long time! We soft-set them for baptism- as they will be going in and out of town for the next few weeks and so he wants us to come back in February. He was taking notes the whole time and writing down scriptures that he wants to look up... man, it was the best.
We left that lesson, EXHAUSTED and just thinking "holy world.. did that just happen???" BEAMING from ear to ear:):)

Sadly though.... so sadly.. I won't be here to teach him :( But we invited him to the trail center on the day of departing testimonies! So that could be way cool:)
This week was seriously the best... they just keep getting better.
We had interviews with President Weston this last week.. ahhh I was just soaking it all in. That man is my favorite.. he just makes my whole day. We talked about a lot of the people Sister Tourtillott and I are working with, and got some advice on how to keep them moving forward, and then he asked how I was doing and just told me to make as many memories as I can-- and to plan for more miracles. And IT'S WORKING! I left interviews and President Weston goes "See you too soon!".. cause I have interviews again next week.
One of the memories this last week, was how COLD it was.... holy cow! It got down to like -30 degrees wind chill. The schools here were even canceled that day because it was super duper cold:) And then yesterday it was in the like the 20s and you would have thought it was Summer out here. It's the best:)
SURPRISE!!!! This last week, I got a nice surprise. We got a call from a number we didn't know and, it was NYA-- my bestie from my last area. She was in Omaha and she stopped by to see it:) Golly, that was the best thing ever to see her:) She even shared a message with US. It was so cute:)
We had dinner at our bishops house this week. His family totally blows me away. His 8-year old boy, the whole time at the dinner table, was quoting scriptures like nobody's business. Pretty sure this little man has a photographic memory.
We met with one of our less-active this week-- the one that made a goal to read the Book of Mormon, before we had even met her-- and she's been reading all the ensigns she owns too! She is soooo ready to come back, and fingers crossed and prayers said that she'll make it to church this Sunday. The less-active members we are working with-- SO MANY of them are SO CLOSE to coming back!! It's just tiny little things that get in the way
One of our other less-active members called us up this last week, AS we were driving to her house because we had time and we felt like stopping by *spirit* and she had just gotten into this phlebotomy class and that day was the first day. So she called us up to ask if we could pray for her and we just happened to be in front of her house. Apparently the class was SUPER intense and hard and she didn't know if she could do it. We were there to remind her of the enabling power of the atonement and the strength that comes as we do what is right.
We also so much progress in our investigators that have a daughter on a mission-- we did a lot of service for them this last week, and they are actually reading the Book of Mormon and conference talks.. which is HUGE for them!!! And we are seeing how the reading of the Book of Mormon is bringing them together.
One of our somewhat recent converts had her nonmember husband attend sacrament yesterday. That was incredible!! The whole ward was BEAMING about it!!! SHE had just had shoulder surgery this last week, and her husband, this whole time, has NEVER been a fan of the church. But yesterday, he came alone with his two kids while she is still at home recovering. I just wanted to cry, because it was SO amazing to see how much he's changed even since I first met him.
I had my last zone training to attend this last week. GAWL that is sad to say. It was incredible. We learned way more about REPENTENCE and how we can use the Atonement with repentance more in our lives. Me and the 3 other Elders in our zone that are leaving this transfer were all asked to bear our testimonies. It was pretty neat.
Yesterday, at church it was ward conference-- probably one of the most spiritual ward conferences I've ever been to. It was SO amazing. Our bishop and stake president are SO knowledgeable!! Our bishop is a scientist-- he's sweet and has the BEST conversion story!!!! I'll have to tell it to y'all someday.
Each day as a missionary is a super special blessing. I am so grateful for the experiences I've had and that I've made the decision to be so dedicated in writing in my journal each and every day of my mission-- because I never want to forget these days. My mission is the greatest experience of my life to date and how blessed I am to have another FULL week of clipping on that name-tag. Wearing His name, and serving as He would.
This next week, we are SUPER busy-- each and every day is pretty much planned to it's max already... it's going to go by so fast...... We get to see Meet the Mormons again this week with one of our potential investigators-- it's playing at the trail center! YAY.
Can't believe I get to see so many of you in just over a week! PLEASE turn to our Father in Heaven today, and every day. Nothing will bring you more happiness than what HE wants for you-- and the service you render to your fellow brothers and sisters.
I love you all! and I'm excited to hug you all!! I received my flight plans this last week and I'll just let you know that I'll be entering the SLC airport around 10am!
This gospel changes lives. I've seen it in others, and I've seen it in myself:) Let it change you!!
Love you so much!!!!!!!!!! I really am excited to see and talk to y'all again:) Have a splendid week, and Keep on Keepin on!!
Love, Sister Checketts
Pic-- Me and Grandma Carol! Our lovely investigator!!:):):)

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