Monday, February 9, 2015

There is sunshine in my soul today:)

Hello my dear sweet missionaries!:)
I hope your week has been fantastic! God is GOOD and He loves you and is SOOO proud of you and all the sacrifices you have and are continuing to make each and every day! 

Life is good in the 801! Adjusting is getting more and more as the days go on. It was good to take some time to catch up with everyone, and I feel like this week is the start of getting everything REALLY back on track. It's still weird though.. I'm going to start meeting with this RM council thing next week. It's a group of RM's that get out and go visit people and go help teach mission prep classes and whatnot. I'm excited:)

Work is going well! I'm really casual and super fun! I'm the office manager for my brothers company and I do all sorts of random jobs.

The YSA is great! I met the Elders this last week at FHE. One of them, Elder Simpson is from North Platte, NE so that was sweet!! And I'm now friends with their investigator named JJ. JJ is sweet!!! He has a little boy and he started meeting with the missionaries because his son was really sick. His girlfriend is a less-active member, and some men from the church came over to visit her and offered to give their baby a blessing. So JJ witnessed the blessing and he said he just totally knew it was right, and that these people were completely dedicated to what they believed and he wanted that. His whole family is catholic, so he says it's REALLY hard because he has no support. But we've all become great friends with him and he's getting baptized in March. Yay!!!!! I love being a member missionary:):)

This last weekend was WAY fun!!! I took a couple of days and went up to Logan to be with (Sister) Ashley Curfew, mission friend! And it was so fun to be with her again. We basically re-lived the mission days, and it was SO great! We went to go see the Coleman's and I even backed her out of the driveway. Haha #dork:) we ended up going on a night hike. We were supposed to have a bonfire, but we couldn't find the campground. So the group of our car said a prayer that we would find it, and after a few more minutes we did! :) yay!! Heavenly Father answers prayers. 

We went to the temple too and it was the best!! Then later, I ended up running into one of my past roommates who was a big reason that I wanted to go on a mission because she is baptist and it was a total answer to prayer! #miracles!! 

It was my nephews baby blessing on Sunday, so it was so great to see the whole fam again:)

And church was wonderful!! I learned a lot. 
We talked a lot about one of my favorite talks: Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence. I love it so much! We need to choose to be confident and just make that decision in our heads and TRUST God. 
One of my favorite scriptures "many are called but few are chosen" WE CHOOSE to be chosen. WE CHOOSE how much we want to communicate with God and I know that the more we communicate with him, the better understanding we will have of His plan for us. 
We watched a video from Elder Bednar where he talked about personal revelation. He said it doesn't come like the flip of a light switch. It comes like a sunrise and often on a really foggy day. Sometimes only enough light comes that we can see only a few steps in front of us, but then we TAKE those steps and we can see a few more. We won't always see the path clearly, but Heavenly Father gives us enough to have the courage to move forward. The thing is, is that we have to keep moving. 
Oh boy have I felt that! It may seem like others receive their inspiration like the flip of a light switch. But probably more than not, it's like a sunrise on a foggy day. You aren't alone! 

It's interesting as I spent time around freshman at USU this weekend, that all most of them would ever talk about is school or dating. Haha and Curfew and I were taking about how grateful we were to serve missions and realize that there is SO much more to talk about and enjoy than just school, and dating..... Always keep up gospel conversations with people!! Because those are the most satisfying:) 

I had so many prayers answered this last week that I didn't even realize I was praying. I've realized some gifts I've been given and tried to use them to their fullest. I'm totally buying an RM planner because it's just so hard to keep track of life without them.. Hah, other planners just don't do justice!   

Anyway, It's been a great week and I hope y'all know that you're always in my prayers. Thank you for your emails and stories, they keep me going:) mission life is so much easier than real life, believe it or not, so enjoy it! And love every single one of your companions, because I miss mine SO MUCH!! 

Have a happy Valentines week!!!!! Buy all your investigators and LARCS some valentine cards:) 

I love my Savior and am so grateful for his forgiveness and patience with us. He knows how much we try. And he is pleased every time we try. I know he would stand before you today and just tell you "thank you" for all you do each day. Keep going:) 

Megan Checketts

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