Monday, August 26, 2013

Best Week Ever.

Hello everyone!!

AHH this has been the best. week. ever. For real. I told myself this morning that this has probably been the best week since I've been out here. ...... Even though we didn't teach many lessons.. we actually had a couple more people drop us.. darn. They don't even know what they're missing out on.


So much fun stuff to talk about! Where to begin???

So last Monday everyone was freaking out because of all the crazy boundary switches. It's really confusing on the missionary end because they have to sort out investigators and such. So I still feel so blessed that Millard wasn't touched AT ALL with all that craziness.

I had some awesome tour experiences this week! I took a couple more nonmember families on tour! I taught them the restoration and one family in particular was REALLY interested. I gave them a BOM at the end, they commited to reading it and praying about it and they even were okay with meeting with the missionaries!! They live here in Omaha, so we found out which sisters were over their area and I gave them all their information. I'm excited to keep in touch with them and hear from the sisters how they will be doing. Ahh that was a good one:) Then the next day we were at the trail center, I've got to admit, I was a little moody. I have had a little bit of a cold, so I was coughing all night the night before and I was so tired. I did not want to be at the trail center. But I got mad at myself for thinking it and said a little prayer. Right after that a sweet little family came in with a couple Elders who wanted to watch the Joseph Smith movie. Their little 12 year old girl came over and just started chatting away at me. We talked for quite a while and she was saying how she was so excited to get baptized and so excited to officially be a mormon. She said that she was the only mormon in her whole school and that she would just go around talking about it all the time. She went down to watch the video with her family and when it was over she came running up and gave me a huge hug. She said that she had just given her first closing prayer and she needed to come hug someone. I talked again with her for a little while and then she said she was going to miss me and that I was such a great friend. It totally made my day and I realized just how peaceful and comforting this work is and that the Lord just wants us to be like little children. Ahh it was good.
Sister Brough says that the Lord is blessing me with all these nonmember tours because we aren't getting to teaching too many lessons in our area. A lot of other sisters haven't had as many converting tours as I have and I've only been here a month! So it's crazy:)

Anyway... I love kids. The youth in our ward are the BEST!! We went to a young women activity not too long ago and it amazes me the missionary spirit that these youth have. There are constantly inviting friends to church etc. I better serve in some YW calling when I get older.. I just love young women.

This week we also had our second "new missionary" training! We went and I got to see many of the missionaries that I flew out with, which was fun! And President and Sister Weston gave trainings. It was a total answer to my many prayers and made me so much more confident in what I am doing. They are the best <3 President asked us individually what had been the hardest thing so far and gave each of us advice on how to make it easier and more enjoyable. It was just awesome.

I CANNOT BELIEVE TRANSFERS ARE IN 1 1/2 WEEKS!!!! It has flown by SO FAST and everyone tells me that the first transfer is the slowest... what?! But If I have to leave Sister Brough, holy hannah I'm going to cry. We have had absolutely no problems and are constantly just trying to improve. We work so well together. And have so much fun!! Fingers crossed that we'll be together another transfer.

Our home with the Denkers got approved! So we might be moving within the next week! But then POSSIBLY only living there for a week before transfers. mehh.. I don't want to leave Millard! Haha I love the people in our ward so much!

Yesterday morning we made homemade banana muffins and passed them out to many of the members in our ward. They're the sweetest!

Favorite part about the week though? LAST NIGHT. So even before I got out here, the missionaries had put together this music concert called "Oh, how lovely was the morning" It's songs that the missionaries wrote and such that they combined into a way to share the restoration. Last night we put on the concert in our Omaha Stake. They did a concert right when I came out, but I went on exchanges because I didn't have any part in the concert. But for this one, I got a song and they added me into the group numbers. Sisters Merril, Hamilton and I sang an acapella version of "Battle Hymn of the Republic" That Sister Brough wrote. Sister Brough wrote a lot of the songs that we sang! The Elders also used their Uke's and such and we had a really good turn out from our stake. So we've been stressing about this concert all week and went to go set up for it right after church yesterday. It was SO GOOD!! And Battle Hymn turned out amazing. It was so beautiful and I forgot how much that I have missed singing!!!!!!!!!! All the missionaries out here are so musically talented it's ridiculous!!
We have one more concert left though in the series! I'm so excited to do that one too! Gosh, I've missed singing and I surprisingly got lots of compliments last night on our trio. So it was awesome and the spirit was so strong! Many people brought investigators and less actives. We had a ton of people from our ward come to support and Maria came as well. I just love her...

Anyway, that was exciting! This week we also had our ward party! We went to a part and just got to grill and spend time with the ward members. They are the greatest! We were able to bring some investigators and such to that as well:)

Funny stories!! One day this week, Sister Brough hopped in the shower and then screamed. She opened the door asking for my help. She didn't have her glasses on and thought there was a spider in the shower. But the only way she could see it was if she got her face right down next to it. I went in and there was a red spider about the size of a dime that would NOT go down the drain. Haha I finally got it down and then she got back in the shower. That was funny.

And then yesterday before church we were going around to houses inviting people to the concert. There was a LA house that had a sprinkler going on and it was hitting the door. So we ran up to the door, knocked, hid in the corner until the sprinkler passed, knocked again, hid in the corner again, wrote a note, hid in the corner again, etc. It was so humorous.. maybe not to you. These both might seem stupid to you, but it was so funny!

Eliza is in England!! I got an email from her today.

Mom: Have fun with school starting!!!!! ... and dad too! Good luck teaching this semester!!

Brandon and Kelly: Good luck with the house!! Ahhh that sounds so exciting!!!! I can't wait to see pictures:)

SERVICE!!!! When you're feeling down about yourself. Find someone else to serve!

Everyone try to be better member-missionaries this week :) It helps the missionaries a lot--- i promise.

Also, I have homework for ya'll. Go on Youtube and type "Missionaries Lip-Singing" -- This is what the Elders in our mission do for fun! Hahah Elder Tatafu...

Life is great! Hope to hear from you all soon!!!
-Sister Checketts

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