Monday, August 12, 2013

Good day!

Hello everyone:) First I want to say just how much I love you all:) You brighten my life and I love Mondays- because I get to talk to you! I miss you all greatly!

But I'm also making great friends out here in whom I love greatly too! Seriously, my ward is like the greatest thing ever. Go Millard ward!! (not sure if it's TOTALLY as great as the Clinton 12th, but it comes pretty dang close)

So I don't feel like this last week had any memorable stories or experiences... we're just working hard!

We tracted a lot at the beginning of the week and really no one wanted to talk to us...
It's actually kind of funny because people think we're so dumb... We walked up to this couple sitting on their porch swing and started to talk to them-- but they said nothing back. The lady looked at us and gave us the sign that she was deaf. However, we KNEW she wasn't deaf because before we walked up to them, we heard them shouting to their son inside. So Sister Brough says "Oh, you're deaf?" haha so boldly.. it was quite funny and we all laughed and then we awkwardly walked away because they still didn't speak to us...

Then RIGHT after that, we walked into an apartment building and there was this lady sitting on the steps. I said "Hey!" And she ignored us. So then I asked "How are you today?" to which she replied "No understand". She was hispanic, so I thought maybe she didn't speak English. I said "Oh, you don't speak English.." then she kind of chuckled. Sister Brough said "I love your phone case!" And the lady replied "thank you!"--- she DID speak English.... they just think we're dumb. I don't know.. maybe we are. haha

So after many days of trying and failing, we got a tad discouraged. But a couple days ago, we decided to try a house that we'd been trying for a while and no one was ever home. We pulled up to the house and the owners pulled into their garage at the same time. YES!

We went up to talk to them, they invited us inside and we gave them the whole restoration right then and there. During the lesson, they kept turning to each other and saying "Well, there you go" like what we had just said was an answer to a question they had been having.
They are SO PREPARED. It's not even funny. They hadn't really ever heard anything about what we believe, so it was ALL new to them. And they are so faithful! They have been going to different churches and searching. They had a HUGE picture of Christ above their fireplace and they are extremely funny people. They said to give them a week or so so that they could read the BOM and so we'll be following up with them this next week. We are so excited!!

I just KNOW without a doubt that this gospel is true, that this church holds the FULLNESS of Christ's gospel, and that God does answer our prayers. He answers them in His own due time. But He answers them.

I had been praying for one of our investigators to come to church yesterday.. sacrament started and no one was there. Then halfway through sacrament, Maria's little boy came up to me asking for a crayon. I was like "Esai?!?(that's his name)" I turned around and Maria was sitting a few rows behind us. Ahh my heart just smiled. :)

So today Sister Brough and I are both wearing striped shirts.. we look like we just escaped from prison or something.

Hmm... what else happened this week..? It's been super hot here lately. However it did rain yesterday. Earlier this week, all I did was step out of the car, and my glasses fogged up. I was like "What in the world?" .. I'm feeling the humidity a little more lately. But I love it! I cannot wait for fall!! Just talking to all the families in our ward yesterday makes me crave Utah State. All the kids are anxious for school to be starting this week and the family we had dinner with last night have a daughter who leaves in a week to ATTEND Utah State University. Since Sister Brough and I both went there, we had a grand 'ole time talking to her about college.

This week I've been thinking a ton about my future. We've been meeting with a ton a families and kids and it makes me so excited to be a mom! All of a sudden I want to learn how to bake bread, I want to try all these new recipes and such! It's going to be fun to be a mom:) Not for many years though.. don't worry mother ;) And I know that my experiences out here are going to be a great contributor to the mother I will be! Sister Brough and I taught primary this last week it was like eight 10-year old boys. They were CRAZY! And they kept calling Ampsterdam, Hampster-Land... I laughed more than I should have. ;) --- Anyways, enough about that.

Sister Brough and I had a great talk this morning about Faith.
I've been reading into my patriarchal blessing lately and as I've studied faith, I am really realizing how blessed I am... Like SO BLESSED I can't even comprehend it. Great family, amazing friends, amazing experiences and opportunities, ahhhhh SO BLESSED.

As I've been out here and been able to see how the gospel has made a difference in peoples lives and COMPLETELY turned peoples lives around, It blows my mind. And I've taken advantage of it my whole life. To be able to grow up in the church? I feel like my faith has just come naturally. I grew up, knowing with my whole heart that this gospel is the truth and never really doubting it. As I've been out here teaching people, I've had to realize what it would be like to be hearing these things for the first time and developing that faith in Christ out of really nothing. It's been very humbling.

Anyway.... being on a mission give you a lot of time to THINK. People say missions are hard work- and yes we do service projects and have days where we have to walk instead of drive, but the hard work comes from your mind. A mission is ALL self-control. -- controlling my thoughts so that they are ALWAYS focused on others and on the work. And it's so much LEARNING! My mind feels as though it is going to pop sometimes because I'm learning so rapidly and trying to retain and remember everything.

Sorry, I'm rambling a lot in this email.. I'm just learning lots about life! haha so anyways... I'm doing well :) No need to be worried about me!

I thing (FINGERS CROSSED) that we have a temple trip coming up end of August or early September. I can't believe how fast this transfer is going.

I do have a request though! When ya'll send me letters, pop in your favorite talk with it!! I need more talks to study, they're the best:)

Brandon and Kelly-- yay on the new house! I'm stoked for you! Be sure to send me pictures and tell the rest kiddos hello! And Kelly, you're in my prayers and I'm hoping for the BEST results at the appointment! Let me know how it goes:)
Jord and Carly-- Thank you for your emails! I'm planning on writing ya'll a letter today:) Happy 4th anniversary!
Dust&Em-- hope you're doing well;)
Mom&Dad-- Thanks for the emails! I hope you told McKenzie good luck for me! I'm sure it was great to see everyone. It sounds like you two are having a bunch of fun with the neighbors! 4-wheeling, and such... luckies ;) And thanks for keeping me updated on everything:)

I love you all!! I know that this gospel blesses peoples lives. I know that God lives and the Christ is our brother who came down to Earth to save us and protect us. Our personal trials and sufferings would be 100x worse if it wasn't for Him. The Atonement is real, and faith is and ACTION word.

Have a terrific week!! I'll reply to some of your emails with letters.

Please send me talks!! And all of you need to read "Character of Christ". Do it.
-Megs... okay, Sister Checketts ;)

This is a picture of all of us Sisters that work at the Trail Center. I'm telling ya... it's a party:)

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