Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm so spoiled...

Hi Ya'll!!
(I'm trying to incorperate "ya'll" into my vocabulary more-- don't hate me for it:))

It's been a strange week! Again, I can't even believe it's email time again. But THANK GOODNESS! Because I love you all and I'm excited to send a little email to ya!

So referring to the Subject of this email.... hahahah we are so spoiled here. We just have to laugh about it:)

So I told you about the steak and lobster we had a few weeks ago... well tonight that same family is feeding us Prime Rib!!
AAAAAND we got a new car this week <3 I'm in love! It's a brand new 2013 Ford Fusion SILVER. and it's the greatest thing ever! Elder Scott(the car guy) gave most of the Sisters new cars! The elders have been gawking over them all week. It's hilarious:) But the cars are so nice! Yesterday Sister Brough and I were driving to our area and we were all dressed in black with our shades on and  we felt like we were just living the high life :)
It's not AS fun to drive as my sweet little bug, but I am not complaining one bit:)
AAAAAND our ward mission leader is 99.9% positive that they found us a member house to move in to. And who is it?? The wonderful DENKERS. They are an older couple who have the nicest house ever! They have this kitchen in their basement that they remodeled to look like a diner. I haven't been there to see it for myself yet, but all the other missionaries absolutely LOVE it. And this is most likely going to be our HOME! Gosh.... We're so spoiled! I'm going to be devastated to leave Millard Ward eventually!  <3

Anyway... Sister Brough and I are getting down to crunch time! We're PREPARING for me to go out full proselyting and being a trainer in a couple of weeks. Not that it will happen, of course, but it's better to be prepared! There's a huge influx of full pros sisters coming in on this next transfer and she said that many sisters train after only 1 transfer. So that's what we're planning for, I'm scared out of my mind because I'm still only a baby! I'm STOKED to eventually go out full proselyting though. I do LOVE the trail center, but a lot of times it's hard to make appointments with investigators and we have to miss ward parties and such because we're on shift at the trail centers. And the trail center has started to get slow now that schools are all back in session out here. So we just sit around and study and chat- which is nice! But many time feels as though I'm wasting precious time doing other stuff. So I love the trail center! But am grateful I won't be here my whole mission.

Every night when we work till close at the trail center, it's my favorite thing to go out into the parking lot. So it's a mission rule that ANY time the senior missionary is backing up the car, the companion has to stand behind the car and help them back. When we leave at night, we all look like dorks standing in the middle of the parking lot to back up our vehicles. It's humorous.

So we had crazy stuff happen yesterday! ALL the boundaries for the Omaha Stake out here have been shifted! And a few wards and a branch have been completely diminished. So I'm sure president is going to have fun reassigning missionaries and fixing everything... it's overwhelming and many sisters have to go and re-figure out like, EVERYTHING. Thankfully, Millard was like the only ward that the new boundaries didn't affect. So we're still GOLDEN.

Eliza leaves this week!! WHAT?! Girlfriend, GOOD LUCK!! I love you so much!! Have a safe flight to England and embrace every minute. Mission life is awesome. She is like the last of us to leave, so this is CrAzY!!! <3

Michelle-- thanks so much for your awesome letter, gosh I love you so! I'm not sure if I'll have time to write you today, so I'll acknowledge it on here. I read Sister Brough the part about your tall companion and we just laughed. So now we're calling ourselves "Tree and Stump"- ;)

Mom&Dad! I finally got your postcards! They were sitting in the mission office waiting to be picked up when we went to District Meeting on wednesday.

Jenny Anderson-- you're a doll!! I seriously had no clue who that letter was from at first and then my heart all smiled when I read your name. I'm so stoked for you to go to Brazil! We have a sister here in Omaha, (she was my companion on the flight out here) who is a visa waiter to go to Brazil! I hope your visa gets here in time!! you're going to do amazing things!

And Stacey Park-- thanks so much for your sweet letters. I love hearing what the tremendous Park family is up to:) Kyle has his own machine now? Ahhh so cool :)

ANYWAY... mom, to answer your questions: #1 I did go shopping.. haha you're so funny you check my bank account. Aldi is a grocery store out here, so the first few days out here I couldn't remember my pin for my mission card and I used my card from home.

#2 What do I do on my prep day? Email and write letters! Last week, we took a nap, today we might go play volleyball at the institute building or go to the Lewis and Clark museum. Another P-day we had to go get our car fixed.. so that was a lame time. But I have been to The Old Market here in the city- it's way fun! Lots of expensive clothing shops. Can I just say that it's WEIRD to go clothes shopping as a missionary? Haha weird feeling. Today Sister Brough has to go get a hepatitis shot, so we'll be doing that. Mostly we just try to get laundry and cleaning done as fast as possible! I think all the trail center sisters are planning a p-day where we can do a group trip to the zoo. I've heard it's AWESOME. yay for jaguars!

So ya, not sure what else to say. I'll write letters later today. But I just love this gospel... I can't say it enough. Everyday I receive a confirmation on one aspect of the gospel or another that THIS IS THE TRUTH! And I just want to shout it to the world! But when it comes down to sharing it with someone on the street, my thoughts/nerves get the best of me and it gets really HARD. As members, SHARE THE GOSPEL. Joseph Smith said that the most important thing to do is to share the gospel.

I also just love the Pioneers.. I get to tell their story every day and I LOVE THEM!!!! These people are so faithful and I know that they wouldn't have done all that they did if they didn't know the truth of the gospel. Joseph Smith would not have gone through ALL the torture he did if he wasn't SURE that he saw God and Christ. If people would even just learn about the history of the church- I feel that that is convincing enough!! But through the Holy Ghost they can feel that it's right. They can remember why they are here on this Earth. I'm in love with the Book of Mormon... like for real in love. It's just a little blue book! But it's the most powerful thing on Earth. READ IT! <3

I love you all! I don't know where in life I would be if it weren't for you. I wish I could just help ALL people to feel the things I feel.

Heavenly Father loves you all so much.... and I feel so blessed to be able to feel that charity that He has for his children right now as I get to be a missionary. People are wonderful- we are all brothers and sisters.

So I love you all, share the gospel with someone this week! Because it is truly SO IMPORTANT.
have a great week
-Sister Checketts

This is our car! Whooo! Also, it's p-day, so don't judge the laziness quality of my appearance.

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