Monday, January 13, 2014

6 Months Down

Can you believe it???
I hit my 6 months mark this last week. That means I only have 12 to go!! 1 more year!! Time has flown by so fast!!! Like Jacob says "our lives passed away lake as it were unto as a dream" (Jacob 7:26)-- it's soooooo true!!
Transfers happened and Sister Weber and I are still in Yankee Hill!!:):):)
Our zone leader, Elder Snell called us on transfer day and made a joke that we were both leaving and we were so mad... haha but it's all good, cause he was just kidding. STOKED to be spending another 6 weeks here!!
This week has been a tougher one! The lady that we had set for baptism, we don't think it's going to happen yet :( She's been to church, but she's coming for the social aspect now and not for the gospel. I cannot tell you how IMPORTANT it is to read the Book of Mormon!! It will seriously keep the excitement and spirit of the gospel with you.
So we don't have many investigators anymore... we're working hard to go out and find some, but getting doors slammed in the face over and over can get pretty discouraging, so we're resulting to other methods!
The members are doing good at getting us and the Elders refurrals though! 2 weeks ago we had a guy named Kyle and a 17 year old named Austin come to church with friends. Kyle is now being taught by the elders and Austin is wanting us to teach him!!! Austin is so solid!! He even got up in fast and testimony meeting and bore his testimony saying that "Baptized or not, I KNOW this church it true!" The spirit was so strong-- so we're stoked to be working with him. He is such a dry Mormon it isn't even funny :)
This weekend was crazy though and it's going to bring some more confusing weeks to come! Our whole stakes boundaries got changed yesterday and we are losing like half of our ward. Our ward went from the largest, now to the smallest.... :( So we lost LOTS of people that we're working with and we're worried that they won't be as looked after in the new ward, but with the Lord, everything happens for a reason and we KNOW this these boundaries were inspired by our Heavenly Father through the stake president. This whole stake is seriously sooooo on top of things <3
We had a pretty cool experience this last week though. We were getting super discouraged getting doors slammed in our face and so we changed gears for the day and tried to find some more less-actives. There is this one lady that we had tried over and over but she would never answer the door when she was clearly home. I kept getting lost and taking a wrong turn in the neighborhoods and we kept driving past her apartment building. So finally I was like "fine, we're here for a reason, we might as well stop again". When we got to her door, she didn't answer again. So we knocked again "once for their souls, and twice for ours". She came hobbling to the door with tears streaming down her cheeks. She had been in a car accident 2 days previous and had all her grandkids taken from her and she had no idea why. We were there just in time and we brought the spirit into her home, and actually got a smile on her face as we sung "Be still my soul". She's making changes to come back:) We talked to our Ward Mission leaders as soon as we left and that night, him and another member of our ward followed us to give her a blessing. No one in the ward had ever met her before, but she got the coolest blessing!! So that was exciting.
Also, another lost sheep that the elders found for us a couple of weeks ago is SO ready to come back. We have barely even done anything and she's reading the Book of Mormon again and preparing to return. She's nervous to come back to church though, so she didn't come yesterday because she wants to get a new dress so that she can feel comfortable there. She is the coolest lady! Has totally lived on her own not asking for anything! Her house is full of the coolest little trinkets-- ALL of which she has found in the dumpster. And she is so real and down to earth. We love her so much. Her neighbors are being horrible to her though. She lives in a sketchy part of town and her neighbors in her apartment building are always locking her out and they shut off her breaker so she doesn't have any power in her house right now. It's a mess. But we're so excited for her!!!
We also were able to get into another less-actives house that NO members have really ever been able to get into. She was super sweet and slowly opened up to us! We went and shoveled her side walks the next day.
Speaking of shoveling-- it feels like Summer today!! The car washes are PACKED!!!! :) No jacket and no boots! I think Nebraska is more bi-polar with it's weather than Utah is!
Anyway, in my mind it's been a hard week, but typing this out I'm realizing that it actually hasn't been to bad. The ward is always happy with our efforts, I just wish we could find more investigators, but I know we will!
My thoughts have been focused A LOT on my Father in Heaven this week. I love my daddy so much... and I've been pondering on my relationship with my dad at home and I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever been really angry or upset at my dad.. as I've come to think about that, I've realized that I don't think I've ever been angry or upset with my Father in Heaven. Yes, he places me in some tough situations, but I don't get upset with Him for it because I know He is here with my always to help me through it. I love him so much. He is LITERALLY our Father!!! And I am so grateful to have the dad that I do that makes it so easy to compare my relationship with my Father in Heaven. I love you daddy!!
Anyway, I know that Our Father in Heaven lives. I know that we do everything to be like our savior. We Talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we strive to be like Christ, but all in all, we pray TO our Heavenly Father, THROUGH Christ. It is our FATHER that wants to hear about our day. It is our FATHER that wants to hear our struggles. He is always there for us and I hope you never forget that.
I LOVE YOU ALL!! Have a great week and thank you again for the letters and uplifting words-- they are always needed and appreciated.

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