Monday, January 27, 2014

He Does Deliver You!

Hey there!! :)
Hahahahah today has been the best p-day!! Started out REEEEAL interesting... I have the WORST luck with this mission car, I promise!
We got everything all packed up and Sister Weber was still finishing something in the basement so I went to put everything in the car. I decided to start the car so that it could warm up while I waited for her, so I went back inside. We went to leave the house, and all the car doors were locked. Shoot. It had locked, with ALL our stuff in the car. Phone, numbers, EVERYTHING. And the car was RUNNING.
I kinda panicked, and said a SUPER good prayer for help. I seriously don't know what I would do without Sister Weber.... haha she grabbed some screw drivers and tools and by some MIRACLE we ended up breaking into the car without causing any damage. My word... God is Good :) hahahah It was actually quite humorous.
We left the house earlier today because the members that we live with-- He has a BEST friend who used to be the Mayor of Lincoln!! (Kinda a big deal) So he hooked it up so that we could get a sweet tour of the capitol building!! We got to go in this morning and get the tour, (It's GORGOUS!!) and then we actually got to sit in while the legislature were passing/discussing bills! They even took down our names and announced us! It was way cool:):) We felt pretty special and got some interesting opportunities to share the gospel!
Afterwards we went to lunch at Panera Bread-- the best place ever, so it's been a good day!!
BUT an even better week!!! We taught LOTS of lessons with our dear less-active members this week.
Amy is doing tremendous!!! She attended church with us yesterday which was the best thing ever. I have never been more excited to see someone walk in those church doors. She LOVED it!!! And the ward just loves her spunky personality. I want to cry so much that she is moving on the 8th to a the Mahoney ward... The ward that we were SUPPOSED to open for sisters. But if we wouldn't have been here, Amy would never be moving to the Mahoney ward, so there is a reason for everything <3 We're working with members in that ward thought to continue to fellowship her! She's the funnest old lady I ever did meet! We always record her jokes on camera <3
Another of our less-actives was able to come to church with us yesterday too!! She's had a rough life. She has allllllll these way cool things in her apartment, all from dumpster diving! She's had a lot of harm done to her in the past, so many of the members in the ward probably thought she was high on something yesterday, but she is so ready to come back and it was a way cool experience to have them BOTH at church yesterday!
We are still living with our members! The ward is still trying to find us somewhere else to live, so we're just kinda chillin until they decide something.
That cool guy- Daryl that we met last week that his cousins dog came barking at us-- we went back to his house to help him on Saturday and he was all "wow, I didn't think you would seriously come to help". We were like, uh, YA. hahaha Turns out that he is like in his 40s and has no family, so we couldn't stay to help him because there wasn't another female there. But he stayed outside in the cold and talked with us. We gave him the whole restoration and I know that the spirit was there. He kept asking questions and at the end, he said that he really appreciated us talking, but that he didn't really need much help. He gave us a refurral for his next door neightbor who is suffering from liver cancer. BUT I KNOW HE REALLY WAS INTERESTED!! We told the elders to go show up on Daryl's door next saturday dressed in service clothes, because he truly is super amazing and he's interested, just not admitting it to himself yet. Let's hope the elders really try... haha :) They will- They're great. The whole conversation was super casual and amazing with him.
On the other hand, we had one man be really rude to us this week :( His wife had said we could come back, we had given them a DVD to watch, and when we went back to follow up, he stepped out on the porch with us, and rudely told us to never come back. Trying not to get too downhearted, we walked solemnly back to the car. That was the most rude that anyone has been to me on my mission. Sister Weber had a hard time with it and for a little while we just sat in the car and talked about how sad it is. And that one day, up in heaven, he's going to remember that very moment. Anyway, sometimes those thoughts are all that can keep us going.
Those thoughts, and then seeing people like Amy totally turn their lives around.
This gospel is sooooooo true!! And we've completely witnessed this week that if you aren't reading the Book of Mormon daily, that you aren't progressing. Amy INTESELY reads every day and she has turned her life completely around and she herself says "I'm happier than I've ever been!!" in only 2 weeks. It is possible! And the Book of Mormon is the key to understanding and growing in the truth <3 I can PROMISE you that!!
Thank you all for everything!! I love you all sooooooo very much and hope that you have an amazing week!!!! Full of adventures! Just try not to lock your keys in your cars.... haha :) But if you do, say a prayer, because He will deliver you from your burdens!! <3
-Sister Checketts

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