Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hello Everyone!:)
Due to the wonderful Martin Luther King day yesterday-- emailing was postponed to today! :)
Yesterday though, we had TONS of fun! We went into Omaha and went shopping with the members that we live with all day!! SO FUN! I seriously felt like I was out shopping with mom and dad. So that's how I celebrated that wonderful holiday! A couple new tops to spice up the -always boring and repeated- missionary wardrobe. And the BEST pizza in Omaha.
First Off, CONGRATS to my sweetest sweet niece Catie for being baptized this last week! I so wish I could have been there, but I was thinking about her and truly pondering how AMAZING this choice is that she made to follow our Savior for the rest of her life. Baptism is the first step to a lifetime of happiness and faith and miracles and blessings that our Heavenly Father is always ready to give us! The sweety even wore MY baptism dress... :) That seriously made me so happy and she looked as gorgeous as ever<3
This week has been crazy! Due to the boundary changes in our stake, we have lost WAY more people that we've been working with than I thought we would. We've had to turn them over to the other sisters and elders in the surrounding wards, and now I feel as thought we barely have anyone to work with. But that's okay! It puts us into FINDING mode. Seeking out those who have been prepared by our Father in Heaven, and through that we see many more miracles:):)
On Sunday we were walking to see one of our investigators and on the way a dog came out of nowhere barking at us. This man came chasing after the dog, come to find out hew was dog sitting for his cousin. He didn't want us to teach him, so we offered services, and at first said no, but when I asked if he knew anyone else that could use help he said "well, what kind of help?" We said anything! Painting, soup kitchens, anything! And he said "Well, I guess I could use some help. I'm gutting out my whole house." So wa-lah!! We're going back on Saturday. But the Lord always places people in our path.
We have this AMAZING less-active that we're working with- Amy. She joined the church about 15 years ago and soon after became less-active. I probably told you the last couple weeks about her. She got her grandkids taken away after she got in a car accident and then we showed up. She got a priesthood blessing, instantly started feeling better and we've been going over reading the Book of Mormon with her. She'll call us up and be like "SISTERS!! I just read 3 more chapters!!" And then start summarizing what she read- SO EXCITED about it! We love her so much and it is a MIRACLE to see who she was when we first met her, to who she is now. She's cleaning up her apartment, selling everything, she is so much BRIGHTER and .... she's looking to move out of our boundaries. She wants a fresh start so we know this will be good for her, but we're so sad! She is going to be coming with us to church this next week. She didn't this last Sunday because 3 of her ribs are still broken and it's hard for her to get around. But she made a promise to the big man upstairs that she'd go this week. And now she ALWAYS keeps those promises. She is the BEST.
We watched Finding Faith in Christ with her this last week, she was bawling and when it came to the part where the woman reaches out to touch the hem of Jesus's garment because she has faith that she will be healed. Amy reached over and touched Jesus on the television screen. She is such a miracle <3
I got some mail from all my favorite people in Red Oak this week!
THANK YOU BRAYTON'S for your awesome package! I laughed so hard when I saw the "Breaking Dawn" calendar! hahahaha :) The fruitloop candy? You weren't lying-- it's the BEST!
We were able to speak with the University Elders at a youth fireside for our stake this week. For all the Laurels and Priests! It was like a question/answer thing and we were just talking about how AWESOME missions are. I don't want to be who I was before I left because I love who I have grown into through the experiences I've had out here. I still have a LONG ways to go.... but the knowledge I have gained and the experiences I've had that have made my testimony "steadfast in immoveable" are PRICELESS BEYOND RUBIES!!
It's been a good week! Sad to say goodbye to people:( And now that the members we live with are no longer in our ward boundaries, they are searching for a new family to move us into this week. If no one can house us, we'll be moving into an apartment this week. So PLEASE SEND MAIL TO THE MISSION OFFICE!!
11027 Martha Street:)
I love you all and miss you much! :) I hope you all have a fantastic week!
God is STILL a God of miracles.
The Book of Mormon is seriously the BEST book to EVER be written. I get soooo pumped to study it-- SO STUDY IT <3
Thomas S. Monson is such a special man-- he is our prophet and he's guiding us if we just LISTEN.
Like my good friend Dory always says, Just keep swimming, (read the January Ensign)
-Sister Checketts
Picture: Us and Amy <3

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