Monday, September 22, 2014


We're always a quotin the Potter jokes:) #ysalyfe
Seriously though..... the atonement is the KEY to life!!!! it's the KEY to happiness!!! THE ATONEMENT ISSSSS THE SPELL "Alohomara!" Because it unlocks our hearts and souls!
Yup.... I'm still a Potterhead!
This week has been a good one!
Sad day though.... Our investigator, David is smoking again... But he's being HONEST about it!! He came and told us and is being a lot more sincere about things than he was in the past. PROGRESSION!! That's all He asks for <3
Funny story time.. So we were teaching one of our LA's, Kirsten this week, and her boyfriend, Eli is always a part of her lessons. He isn't a member and is actually one of our former investigators. Well Kirsten hasn't made some of the best decisions lately and her and Eli have decided to move in together... so we decided to watch the old church video "Together Forever" with them that talks about the law of chastity, and temple marriage and such.... haha we were a little nervous to do it... but it is a powerful video. At the end, #MIRACLE!!! Eli said it was "touching" and that it made him "feel good" HE FELT THE SPIRIT!! It was really kinda funny watching it with them tho... I guess it was a "had to be there" moment.
Our investigator, MIKE!! haha funny story again... we talked to him about FAITH this last week and read Alma 32 with him. He seemed a little more hestitant than ususal, but we asked him to pray with us at the end and his prayer was so funny. He said "God, it's cool learning about the seed that these sisters are trying to plant in me"... haha. We realized that lesson though that his DESIRE to learn this things is lacking a little. We had an appointment set with him this morning actually and he texted us saying that "Being a Mormon wasn't for him" ... my heart sank... I had felt so good about him! I have to admit I take it a little hard when we get dropped.... It's sad :( But we asked him if we could still come over to talk about what his thoughts have been since the last time we met. So we went over this morning with one of our memebrs, Jake and he expressed to us that he had talked to his family, who are catholic, about the things he'd been learning and that he didn't want to cause contention. Jake did awesome about asking him to continue reading and praying. So I think we -kinda- stopped him from dropping us..? We'll check back in a few days.
I actually LOVE tracting... is that weird? It's a huge faith builder because you never know who is going to be on the other side of the door. We met a cool girl named Capri this week! We ran into her at a park and she said she had actually been thinking A LOT this last week about going back to church because "it feels good to know Jesus" We're stoked for her! She's going to UNK.
Institute was GREAT this week! Our investigator Jordan (who is SOOOOO prepared!!!!! He actually ON HIS OWN asked for Sunday's off at work so he could start coming) well he came to institute! We were talking about the first vision #perfect and he always asks the best questions! He wants to get baptized, but we have to call President Weston because since Jordan is on probation, we need to figure out when he could be. He is our fav. He comes to every activity, the branch just loves him! He's even asking off work to listen to General Conference with us all <3 We were going to our appointment with him this week and it was taking him a lot longer than usual to show up, so we started thinking about one of our members, Nya who has been having a hard time and we were planning on going to see her, but right before we were about to leave, a car drove up to drop off Jordan AND Nya..... Heavenly Father is amazing:) So we had a lesson with them both!
Transfers were this last week... I had to say goodbye to my best friend Sister Dumont.... she is now serving in Plattsmouth! Before she left though, we had promised each other that we would get BEST FRIEND BANGS!! So a little while before she head off to transfer point, we went to Sister Hall's house and got our bangs cut! Gosh, I've missed them! Haha:) Before she left ont he transfer van, she hugged me and said "see you in January!" I'm so lucky to be flying home with my bestie! I am now the missionary that has been in Kearney the longest! That's weird... hah
We did a LOT of physical work on Saturday. Played our usual game of softball in the morning with the branch, but we had so few players that we were CONSTANTLY running the bases.... then for the next 4 hours after that, we were choppin and haulin wood for one of the families of the family ward that need wood for their winter fires.
We went and saw Arlys this last week. We caught her just when she needed us. She is having surgery a week from today, and is having to make a HUGE decision whether she is going to sell her home that her and Louis bought together, and go to an assisted living, or if she is going to try to keep living by herself there. She talked to us for a long time about how much she missed Louis... she is still SO IN LOVE!! It's the cutest thing ever. But we were there to listen and comfort her and she thanked us over and over again. I love her... she's doing good! Still not reading a lot, but I know she'll turn to our Savior in the end <3
MARLEYNA GOT HER MISSION CALL!!! A member in our branch!! My TWIN I love her sooooooo much! She leaves in 6 weeks!! Going to Cali, English speaking!! She's gonna leaver here before I do! CRAZY!!! That was so exciting yesterday to find out <3

On of our members is going through a LOT of depression things these last 2 weeks. She is at an all-time low and won't talk to anyone in the branch but us. She feels sooooo guilty for some things she has done. When she isn't with us, she literally just sits in her apartment, or goes on long walks by herself. So our Branch President has advised us to take her out with us as much as we can. We had her study with us once this last week and it was REALLY good, she doesn't feel worthy to study on her own. She is always out on teamups with us, sometimes she doesn't say a lot, but at least she's feeling the spirit and hopefully it will break through the walls that she has. So she's with us a LOT of times. We do our best to help her see the hope and light that is in her future if she keeps trying. We love her so much, the branch does too and it BREAKS their hearts that nothing they say or do is helping.

Last night at branch prayer, she was at the prayer with us and as soon as Luke was done praying, she booked it out of the church. I was then asked to say another prayer just for her because the branch is so worried and so we again knelt in prayer and I offered up the desires of the hearts of all of us. Asking for her protection, and guidance in OUR hearts of ANYTHING we can do to help her see the light of the atonement and praying that any small glimpses can get to her heart of how much she is loved. After I was done praying, there was not a dry eye in the room and everyone said how powerful it was. One of our members had gotten a prompting during the prayer to call someone that might be able to help her, and it was just super powerful. Sometimes I forget that we can have the spirit in SUCH abundance and I am SO grateful to be that tool in my Father in Heaven's hands to help comfort and bring the spirit into the lives of those around me.


This particular member is with us almost always! She isn't herself around anyone but us. She's here at the library with us now and will be for the rest of the day. I'm grateful that she feels comfortable with us, and that we are here to help her. I love her TONS!!! And I know that the power of the atonement can reach her if she just keeps trying.


I love you all! Thank you for being my rock and my support! We are doing very well! Just enduring the little and big things that come our way.

Our Savior is literally our older brother. How GRATEFUL I am to have such amazing earthly bothers as well to compare to Him in my own life. I am so grateful for His atonement for I have seen it work wonders in the lives of me and others around me. He was our brother up in heaven who would help us put the lamp back together after we broke it, He was the one that braided our hair and helped us with our homework. I love Him so much! Keep seeking after His light and using His atonement as the KEY to your happiness.

This talk has been amazing in my life this last week! Dust, and Mads  and everyone else please read it <3

Love you all!!!
-Sister Checketts
Pic: goodbye Dumont <3 <3 #bestfriendbangs

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