Monday, September 8, 2014


Hello my dear family and friends!
It was a full moon last night. Now that the nights get darker earlier, I get to appreciate the night sky even more fully.
People here always ask why I love birds so much.... I think it's because they get to soar in the sky. The sky is God's greatest creation on this Earth. While looking at the moon last night, and every other night that I have, you just can't help but feel that there is something greater. That there is someone out there that put you right where you are and that KNOWS you are looking up at Him. "All things denote their is a God". We are lower than the dust of the Earth and we FEEL that when we look at the sky, be it the moon, the stars, the clouds, or the sunsets.... we feel little. But I know that EVERYTHING that the God who created us does every day, is especially for YOU. Because He loves you. The sky is FOR you.
My comp is so full of joy... haha she is always so happy, and I do love that about her:) She always makes me listen to her Kidz Bop primary songs.... sometimes I can only handle Teens singing "Popcorn Popping" with the base super pumpin a few times before I need some Brandon Heath in my life. I do love her though:) She made me her perfect pancakes today and we get to go visit one of our potential investigators at a BOOKSTORE today. I love bookstores... <3
So this last week was Beyoncé's birthday.... you might ask how a missionary like me would figure that all. All thanks to Elder Tatafu!! The ZL's came to our district meeting this last week and Elder Tatafu is obsessed with Beyoncé. so he made her a cake and we sung Happy Birthday to her. #missionarylyfe
Had a sweet miracle this week! So we're teaching this girl named Jordan.. and she lives all the way in Hastings. She is our friend Kylee Wolfe (who is on her mission in Ohio)'s best friend. Jordan is awesome and we were trying everything to get a member to drive with us to hastings so that we could have a member present in our lesson, but ODDLY, no one could go! (usually we can get teamups pretty easily) I was praying on night trying to figure out how Heavenly Father wanted us to go about teaching Jordan and BAM, this thought popped in my head to ask Gary. Now Gary is another less-active member who is going to school in Hastings. I would have NEVER thought of him on my own. But I felt really good about it, so we texted him that night. We had some backup people that could come with us just incase, but I really felt Gary needed to. He finally replied on the morning we were to drive into Hastings saying that he COULD go!!! YAY!!! So we met up with him after our hour drive to Hastings and he was present in our lesson. We focused it on Jordan, but it was SO good for Gary to be there too. And he was able to open up and bear testimony of many things!! I love with the Lord guides us and we clearly see His plan in all that was done. :)
Goldsberry and I are still trying to get our teaching down it feels like. We're trying our all sorts of different ways to teach together and it has improved a lot this week:) So that's always a good feeling! She teaches way different than any of my past companions, so it's taken some adjusting for both of us. It's so neat to see so many differences in the people we serve with.
Institute started this week for the branch, so we were able to attend that! We actually had 2 investigators attend! David and our OTHER Jordan. (we're worried David has started smoking again... and he hasn't been to church in 5 weeks now...:/) It was a little over their heads, so we were a bit worried, since we're talking about D&C and all... but the fellowshipping with the branch is going good and they seemed to be doing good, just asking lots of questions which is GOOD! Jordan is so prepared.
 The Fergusons came to Kearney again to feed us! I love them and they always make me so happy!! (HELLO, STEVE!! I know you are reading this!:):))) Their son is actually going to be coming to the YSA here at the end of October, so yay!! It will be so fun!
 We read the Book of Mormon from the beginning with Arlys this week. She was laughing so hard with Laban was killed by his own sword. It was so cute:) She just would read and read and wouldn't stop! It's amazing and her eyes are really being opened more and she understanding more of the things that we've taught her.
We also had the Stake Women's conference this week! We had many of our LA Relief Society ladies there, It was fun to have a whole table of YSA RS surrounded by family ward relief society from the whole stake. We had way more show up than they were expecting, so that was fun to see:)
Presdient Cammack called and asked me to speak on Sunday on my FAVORITE topic! How the Book of Mormon leads to conversion. I know so much that it does! Those that I've worked with throughout my mission, if they weren't reading the Bok of Mormon, they weren't progressing, and those that truly had an open heart and loved reading the Book of Mormon, are SO much stronger now than they were when I first me them. The Book of Mormon LITERALLY changes us, and we should ALL desire to be changed because none of us are perfect like our Savior, but every day, especially with the Book of Mormon, we have the opportunity to change and become more like Him.
We've had lots of members come out with us this week! Had about 2 member present lessons every day, it's the best. It is SOOO important for you member to be involved in the missionaries lives and be involved in our Heavenly Father's work. It's the greatest work to be a part of. Are you sleeping through the restoration??? (from quoting a conference talk, that reminds me, 28 days till conference!!!)
We should be on page 70 of the Book of Mormon today:) Keep on Keepin on!!! This book changes lives.
I love you all! Thanks for all you support and love!
JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!!! And be sure to look at the Sky and have a grateful heart of all the blessings that have come from our Heavenly Father. many of the blessings from being OBEDIENT on your part! So keep it up:)
I love you!
Love, Sister Checketts
#MeandNya!! My bestie:) #Teamups!!

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