Monday, October 28, 2013

Always Known

So for our Christmas zone conference, President has asked us to write down a conversion story and for Christmas, they will be compiling them and giving them to us as a present. I decided to write my conversion story in poem format.. so here it is:)

Always Known

By: Sister Megan Checketts


Have you ever questioned something you thought you knew?

Your heart sinking when it's possible your thoughts have lied to you?

Inside screaming, wanting answers, just aching for what's true?

I have.


I grew up hearing people testify that God, to them revealed.

Through miracles, strong feelings, and heartaches that were healed.

And after these experiences they knew.

Well, I had no story, no certain experience in which to cleave.

All I knew was that I admired these people and I wanted to believe.

After hearing all the gospel, wouldn't you?


So I lived on hope, acting as if I did know.

Attending meetings, saying prayers and from all that I did glow.

But I felt I needed some stronger witness that He was there.

One evening I got angry, I couldn't do this day to day.

So with tears down my face, I knelt down and again I did pray.

"Father, if you can hear me won't you share?"


It wasn't some beaming light or miraculous storm that did cease.

Just a thought, for a split second, that turned my worry into peace.

"Daughter, stop asking. You've always known."

It was at that moment that everything was made clear.

I'd been living based on faith and I need never again to fear.

I knew then that I was never alone.


It's through time that we will more-so understand.

Like a gradual sunrise in this beautiful land.

The more minutes that pass, the light gets bigger and brighter.

We just have to hold onto that hope and stay safe.

Doubting our doubts before we ever doubt our faith.

It's through patience and living righteous that this knowledge winds tighter.


I know that God is my Father above.

He knows my heart with a perfect love.

Through studying and prayer over-time I have grown.

Even when I only hoped and I did my best to obey,

There was a time that I let doubt get in the way.

But I know now that I've always known.


Now I have a story to testify.

A strong knowledge that I never will have need to deny.

Our father will always reveal to us that we are never on our own.

We have purpose, we have a plan, and in us He'll abide.

And even if it's very deep down inside,

We all have always known.

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