Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm still an Iowa girl!

That's right! I didn't get transfered!! Yay!
I'm still in Red Oak here with Sister Carpenter.
It's been a crazy up and down week. A little more discouraging than I would have liked, but all we can do is face it with a smile:)
The colors here are GORGEOUS and just an update on the corn for everyone-- it's all just about harvested. It's fun to see the tractors out doing their thing.
Guess what.. ya'll are going to be jealous. I herded cows this week:) We went to help one of our LA's at her in-laws farm! We brought the cows in and literally had a bull chasing after us- but he was a really nice bull:) It was SO COLD. I felt like the marshmallow man from Ghost Busters because I had like 6 layers on.. my winter stuff still isn't here so it's layering t-shirt upon t-shirt. It's actually in the forecast to snow this week. Everyone is going crazy about getting the crops harvested.
So maybe you don't remember, but I had this experience when we were on exchanges last transfer where we found this totally awesome man named Ray whose wife had passed away about a year ago. We kept coming back and then he told us that he just couldn't do this anymore and he got really emotional. Well we tried him again this last week and he's doing SO MUCH BETTER. He himself, without us even mentioning anything is trying to stop drinking and he's ready to change. FINGERS CROSSED. The street that he lives on is GOLDEN. We met a couple other families there too this last week who said we're welcome back any time and didn't hestiate in taking a Book of Mormon. I sure hope things go well.
So it's getting dark SO EARLY here and when daylight savings comes I don't know what we are going to do. We have to be out proselyting until 9pm and the sidewalks are already "rolling up" about 6:30-7:00.. when daylight savings comes, people are going to hate us. This small town everyone goes to sleep SO EARLY.
Sister Carpenter has anger issues.... haha our tiwi (the little device in our car that yells at us if we are speeding) yelled at her a lot this week. The Assistants drove all the way out here this week to switch us cars because our new car has 4-wheel drive. Well the Tiwi in this new car had the wrong speed limit on the roads out here, so we had to call in and get it fixed because sister carpenter kept like hitting it... haha I was a little scared.. It feels weird that I haven't really driven in 4 months.. I miss driving :(
So this LA that I mentioned in the last email that i've been "pushing".. she still hasn't made it to church. :( And we found out this week that it's because she wants to go back with her boyfriend and she's waiting to hear from him before she does anything. ...... She hasn't heard from her boyfriend in 2 years.... I repeat, 2 years..... Hmmm we are so stuck on what to do about this situation, cause I have a feeling that he isn't coming back.... :/ any ideas?
So we have this other investigator in whom I just LOVE. She doesn't want anything to do with the Mormons. She has read some anti-material about Joseph Smith (grrrrrrrrr) and is totally against us, but she knows we are an answer to her prayers. We stopped by one evening when she was out working on the house. Her and her husband bought one of the houses here that was built in the 1800s and they are renevating it. So she allows us to go over and help her out, because before we came, she was just super unmotivated to do it. So we LOVE going over and putting up walpaper/painting/whatever else. We have grown to love each other and she is seriosuly the coolest person ever, but her and her husband are super involved in their church. So we just don't talk religion and "agree to disagree" --- for now ;). Well she entered this photo contest that they have here in red oak and we told her of one of the members in our ward who have a GORGEOUS farm house and offered to go over there and have her take pictures. Yesterday we went with her to our members home and took pictures, had lunch, and were able to share a message with her. SHE LOVED IT!!! She's getting there.. little by little. :) it was a miracle.
Anyway, that's about it for this week. Just gotta keep our heads up:)
I also recieved a priesthood blessing this week. Seriously the most spirital experience of the week. The portion of my testimony I want to share with you this week? THE PREISTHOOD POWER IS REAL!!!!-- And Heavenly Father knows each of us SO PERSONALLY and loves us so much. Through the priesthood we can feel and understand Him and recieve that witness that he is so fully aware of each of us. Biggest testimony experience of my life so far. Always strive to live worthy of the blessings the gospel brings. I cannot explain to you all how real this is. I love you!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the email updates I recieved this week. I absolutely look forward to emailing because I get to feel of your wonderful spirits and testimonies even if we are so far apart. THANK YOU. I love and miss you all SO MUCH. The gospel is real, Christ LIVES, and Heavenly Father is aware of every single one of you. Thank you for your love, support and prayers, I couldn't do this without you.
-Sister Checketts

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