Monday, October 14, 2013

Smelly Cat.. Smelly Cat.. what are they feeding you?

Hello everyone!! I feel like I have lots to say this week!
I LOVE THIS AREA!!!! Okay, it's so much different than ANY ward you will ever see in Utah. Everything is way more casual out here and Utah is REALLY formal about everything-- but I love them both! This ward just cracks me up- we almost had a fight break out in Gospel Principles on a debate over The Millenium. Haha it was intense:) Everyone in the ward is super annimated and I love them all!!
SAD NEWS!!! So you know how I went through like 4 companions in the MTC?? Well one of them-Sister Peterson- I heard went home this last week. I would see her every week at district meetings and about a month ago she started having lots of pain, I was informed this last week that she went home for further testing. I LOVE HER. Keep her in your prayers <3
In other news, my first companion- Sister Goldsberry, that went home in the MTC is flying out to join us here in the field TODAY. Cool stuff!
Yes, transfers end tomorrow-- can you believe I've been out for 2 transfers already? I cannot believe it. It goes by so fast. So we find out where we are going and what will be happening tomorrow morning.
I have a "feeling" that I will be staying here. And either Sister Carpenter will be leaving or we'll both be staying. But I think I still have work in this area that needs to be done. Of course, the Lord always plays tricks on me.. so we'll see.
So from now on, please send mail to the mission office- cause I'm not sure where I will be next week. :)
Okay, so this area is super slow moving. I think that's the reason I get discouraged sometime is because we aren't teaching all that much. But we're fully working with members and less-actives. The members here are SO STRONG. Many of them would LOVE to move to Utah or just move in general, but they know that if they do, things will fall apart here. These people are WONDERFUL. They do SO MUCH and so we try to help with just the members as much as we can so that they don't get burned out.
We're also working with less-actives. There are many people here who are single mothers or widows, or just more elderly couples that we go and see and just visit with because they get lonely. I love them so so much. So sometimes I feel like we aren't doing much because we're not teaching, but I know that this is what needs to be done around here to keep people strong. I love visiting with people.
So we had like 5 less-actives this last week say that they would make it to church yesterday-- only 1 showed up :/ Ahhhhh it's SOOOOO Disappointing when you walk in the chapel and they aren't there!
There is one less-active in particular that I've really pushed. She's 25 and lives right by the church. She's super funny and I love joking with her:) She stays in her apartment a lot and had a pretty hard week this last week. She called the other day to talk and we went to Shenendoah to visit her. We watched Pres. Eyerings talk with her and she LOVED it. She bought a new shirt and skirt to wear to church yesterday and I was SO EXCITED to see her there. We had rides all planned out and everything was going good. And then her ride informed us at church that when she went to go pick her up, there was a note on the door that said she wasn't going. I called her and she said that her decision to come back to church was a mistake. DANG SATAN. He's the devil... literally. So we'll keep working with her. It just breaks my heart when people can't see how much a BLESSING it is to live the gospel!!
Anyway, another 14-year old investigator that we've been working with that watched conference with us last week was planning on coming to church with us yesterday too. She was super excited! Then on Saturday night she got really sick... again, DANG SATAN. :P But it'll happen here soon:) We're helping her family move out of the trailer park this week.
I played football with a little kid this week while Sister Carpenter taught his grandpa to read and write. I love going to visit with them:) The little kid has a crush on us. He is SO MEAN to us, but does the typical "little boy flirting".. it's kinda annoying but kinda cute.
Can I just say that Richard G. Scott is like my favorite. Okay, so I have lots of favorites but I've gained a super big love for this man.
I'M GETTING A HAIRCUT TODAY-- whether it turns out horrible or not, this is the worst I have ever needed one. The haircut places around here are all pretty sketchy, but I'm to the point now where I don't even care if they mess up.
Anyway, I've had some SUPER AWESOME studies this week!!! like no joke, the spirit has been so good to me this week. I've had to humble myself in many situations this week and resort back to my purpose in being out here. MISSIONARY WORK IS AWESOME!!! And looking back, I actually have done quite a bit of missionary work as a youth than I ever did realize. I am so grateful for my ward back home... seriously I cannot even fathom how much moving there to clinton was what our family was supposed to do. I LOVE YOU ALL FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!!!! I'll never be able to thank you enough.
I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON TODAY!!! If I could pick one part of my testimony that has strengthened the most on my mission so far-- it would have to be my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I KNOW that if I hadn't had come out here on a mission, I would NEVER appreciate this book as much as I do now. Seriosuly, so many prayers answered. READ IT EVERY DAY!!! I cannot wait to meet Moroni, Mormon, Nephi, Alma, Alma the younger, Helaman, Captain Moroni, ALL one day... They are the best hero's you could ever ask for. I KNOW THIS BOOK IS TRUE!!! I know that these men that I listed above LIVED through all that they wrote. That they were strong enough to stand up for what they believed and that they put God above EVERYTHING else. Even above their families and friends and other worldly things that they enjoyed. THEY LIVED and their stories are from us to learn from and apply!! I love it so much and sometimes wish I could just read all day.
So I challenge you to read every day!! If you haven't been reading, start at the beginning again with me tomorrow:) DO IT! We'll do it together.
Thank you all for everything. I know this work brings true happiness and I know that God lives, Jesus lives and helps us make all our weaknesses into strengths through His atonement. We have purpose in this life. We have a plan for our lives and it's the best plan that anyone could ever ask for. Heavenly Father, the one who knows ALL. Past, present and future, created the plan and through it we will grow stronger and stronger-- WAY stronger than we would ever be able to do on our own. You better believe it ;)
LOVE YOU!! Write me! I'm excited to let ya'll know how transfers turn out next week. Have a good one!
-Sister Checketts

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