Monday, March 23, 2015

ACT don't wait to be acted upon.


Happy P-day!! I hope you made pancakes, are wearing purple, or polka dots, and have played some patty-cake today! ;) or studied some parables.. That's probably a better idea!

I for one am going to PLAY today after work. Justin Fergdog from Nebraska is getting into town today and we're going to go PARTY. Show him some sights of Utah. I'll be sure to tell him you say hi, Muasau, Weber, and Goldsberry:) the best part is, next week I get to see his parents and a TON of other people that will be here for General Conference!! Stoked for the next two weeks:):)

This week has been insane!! I've seen so many mission friends:)

The Schwindimann's from Elkhorn were in SLC, so I went down to go see them last week, then I ran into Miranda Sommers at Institute.
The Terry's from Kearney were in Logan this weekend, so I got to go with Dylan Johnson (Elder Johnson) to see them perform at an improv show. SO FUN.
I spent the weekend in Logan wth Ashley Curfew and got to go to the Coleman's homecoming and see the Ellsworth's and the Cleverly's ❤️❤️

Heavenly Father answers prayers. While I was in Logan this weekend, I was pondering and praying about how I can magnify my new calling in Relief Society more and asking for confirmation that I'm doing what I can.

After the homecoming with Curfew, I decided I was gonna head home a little early. So I left Logan, and on the way home I got a text from my RS pres saying that out RS teaching wasn't at church yet and class started in about an hour. I texted the teaching and she apologized but said she couldn't be there. I looked at the clock and figured that I would show up at my YSA wears RIGHT on time for Relief Society. So I told my Pres that I could teach, and I listened to the lesson on the drive. I pulled into the parking lot with 5 minutes to spare, and I got to go in and team-teach Relief Society with my RS pres when I wasn't even planning on making it to my ward at all. It was crazy- and team teaching is SO fun!! I feel like a missionary again:)

Funny story- we went to do RS visits this past week, so we wore skirts and such, and before we went to go see our people, we decided we were going to go buy treats first. So we walk into the store and it doesn't even phase me that I'm carrying a Book of Mormon in my hands. Hahaha #RMhabits. We laughed so hard and took a pic, then asked the irk at the register if she'd ever heard of the Book of Mormon before.

Well.. We're in Utah.. So she said, somewhat annoyed "yes...." But we found it kinda funny:)

Institute is the best thing ever!! I go up to the one at weber state every Tuesday, and it's the best:):)

I attempted and enjoyed long-boarding this week. We were up at Utah state and were practicing in the church parking lots. Yes, plural. There is a block at USU that has 5, yes 5 church buildings. IN ONE BLOCK. Sometimes it still blows my mind.

Anyway, life is crazy and I'm SO grateful for the habits I've gained as a missionary. I thank God for the experience every day of my life.
I love being able to apply the things I want to incorporate into my future family, into my life NOW. Whether it's FHE with my friends, or calling a friend to share our studies, there are ways to develop those habits now.

Also I've learned the importance of doing what makes you happy!! I'm discovering more and more of who I am and what I can do, and confidence in myself is building. And THAT is when you know that the people around you love you for YOU. When you're being yourself. Don't care what others think and don't try to be something you're not just to please others. Be who you are and if it's meant to be, they'll stay. :) take care of yourself!! Treat yourself like you would a precious investigator. Be patient with yourself, and you will eventually see the change that gradually takes place.

Love you all!! The Book of Mormon is still true:):) and I love my Father and Savior and am grateful for all they do for me:)

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