Monday, March 9, 2015


Hello all,
Sometimes I wonder why I even write y'all.. Hah, and I'm sorry if you get annoyed with my letters. I honestly think they just help me more than they help you.
This week has been one full of revelation.
Personal revelation that I haven't wanted to accept. I've tried to push it off for so long, because I knew how HARD it would be or I didn't want to accept it. I felt my way made more sense, and just today I'm realizing that I must accept this revelation and trust the Lord and His plan.
We all have choices laid before us. Ones of bad, good, better, and best. I know y'all have heard this before and I'm sure you've experienced it, but this week, I have felt it more than ever.
In front of me I've been placed with a really good choice. Really really good in fact! In my head everything would work out perfect.
But during the time this choice has been in front of me, there has always been a tiny little annoying tug at my feet, telling me not to move forward. I would always ignore this tug. Why would Heavenly Father be tugging at me like this when it seems like such a perfect choice??
It's nagged at me enough this week. I can't ignore the tug anymore. I know I have to face the fact that this isn't the direction He wants me to go.
This is one of the hardest choices ever. And I know it's going to hurt and be bitter for a long while. But I HAVE to take this leap of faith and trust that there is something so much better ahead.
Good better best. <---- toughest thing ever.
We are given these situations in life though, because I know Heavenly Father wants us to understand just how important and special we are to him. He can give us all the good in the world, but when we come to understand that we deserve the BEST, that is when we realize how much His capacity to love us is.
His plan is so much greater than anything any of is could ever come up with!!

So I want you to evaluate the choices in your life. Do you have good, better, best choices in your life. As hard as it may be, I'm asking you to give up the good and better, and don't SETTLE for anything less than the BEST.
You are heirs. You are royalty. And you are SO MUCH STRONGER THAN YOU REALIZE!!!!!!!!!! Spiritually, physically, emotionally. You have potential beyond your wildest dreams.
Strengthen your confidence in Christ and His Atonement and you will automatically strengthen your own self-esteem and self-confidence.
I pray for you all the time. I'd give anything to continue to have the care-free life that y'all truly do have right now. Take advantage of the time that you only have to worry about others. It is seriously the greatest time of your life!! Once you get home and have to worry about yourself, all these crazy things start to come in and occupy your precious mind. Stay focused, and forget yourself!!!!!!!

Got to see Vocal Point in concert this week! Sweet. And send my dear sweet cousin off to Nashville Tennessee on his mission:) totally jealous:)

Thanks for all your letters! I love love reading about your experiences!!
Megan Elise Checketts

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