Monday, March 2, 2015

Your Call to Serve

Hello my dear, sweet missionaries!

I hope and pray that your week has been so great!
Mine has! It's crazy how much we change on a mission, and how "easy" it is the feel comfortable being the person we used to be. People at home expect you to be who you were, and it's tricky to be who you've formed into while trying to fit into the mold we left behind. It takes time, and patience to help those around you adjust to the new you. Advice to those going home in the near future (can't believe I've been home a whole transfer :P) don't give up in the habits you've gained as a missionary. It's easy to say you'll read your scriptures and pray and keep the morning schedule now, but believe me, it gets hard, and Satan knows your Achilles Heal. But always have the mindset of "what can I do to grow in the gospel and be more like my Savior" instead of "what do I need to do to not go less-active".

And I just want to testify to you this week about CALLINGS. Whatever calling you are in at the time, is the most important calling in the world. And y'all have a most extremely important calling at this time. You are becoming your own convert. You are growing and understanding the most personal relationship between you and your Father in Heaven every day. He's always there with you. I promise that NEVER changes.
He gives us what we NEED exactly when we need it. And every time we get nervous about something He's asked us to do, because He ALWAYS gets us out of our comfort zone, just means that we are growing.
I received a calling this week. I'm the new RS first councilor! Our whole RS in my singles ward was switched out, and I know it's going to be a lot to take on, but I can tell your right now, this is EXACTLY what I am needing right now to help with some of the things I've struggled with since I've been home.
He knows what we need when we need it.

This week has been good for me! My brother and sister-in-law from Georgia have been in town, so I've gotten to spend some much needed time with them:) family is forever. And I am SO proud of my family. They are the biggest proof to me, that as we turn to the Lord and always strive to put Him first, and fulfill all of our callings to the best of our ability, then He will take care of us and prosper us.

Again, let me know if there is anything I can do! I'm so grateful for the call to serve.

Heavenly Father is always there with His hand stretched out.

Megan Elise Checketts

(Niece time!!)

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