Monday, March 30, 2015

Fun in the sun:)

Hello everyone!

Sorry I'm late sending this.. I'm on vacation right now in CALIFORNIA and things have been kinda crazy! I hope all of your weeks were well! I promise I'll get around to writing individual letters to y'all soon! I know this mass email thing is kinda lame.

Anyway, having a great time in Cali! We're staying in Carlsbad. My dear friend Trisha Arnita is with me as well as my dear mission friend Megan McCauley. So some of y'all might know either of them. They say hello anyway :)

It's been a great week! Life is going so well:) living up every moment and being myself. It's so great:) post mission life really is so fun, once you kinda get the hang of it. Although I Still think of my mission ever day.

We drove for a couple days, which was tiring, but good! We stopped in Vegas and got to the top of the stratosphere and rode the spinny ride that goes over the edge of the stratosphere:)
We made it to Cali and had the BEST sabbath day yesterday. Spent the morning at the beach and then found the local YSA ward. It was the coolest ward! Met an NFL player and a bunch of marines. And 2 nonmembers were there and the bishop totally committed them to baptism and reading the Book of Mormon. And like 4 of the ward members are leaving in missions in a week. Seriously, it was so great:) then we stayed for the block and went to the linger longer.
We were going to go walk around the peer yesterday evening, but when we got there, music was blasting and everyone was partying, and none of us had any desire to be a part of it on the sabbath. I'm so grateful for the change my mission has brought in me. So we went back to the hotel and just chilled and talked all night. It was so fun:)

Today is Old Town! :):):) then tomorrow is Disneyland:):) whoo!!

But it's been great to be around these two return missionaries for this week, I'm so grateful for our standards and the spirit that we can recognize.

I also love the new Easter video.

Usually it takes losing something to understand how important it was to us.
For me, my testimony of Jesus Christ came, when I decided to not be as faithful as I was taught to be growing up. When I decided to ignore the things I had been taught, and intentionally "lose Him" that is when I felt the most lost&confused in life. It was after that, that I realized that I needed the gospel of Jesus Christ to guide me and that it made me happier. That all happened after I graduated High School. Once I realized how much the complete gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints truly meant to me, and when I realized what it did for my life, I decided to serve my full-time mission to Nebraska&Iowa to help others realize what He can do for them.
On my mission, I experienced so many miracles and felt more love than I ever had before for everyone I met. It changed my life and I KNOW our Savior is there for us in EVERY aspect of our lives. I have experienced that and I have seen the support&love&strength He gives out to so many people that I have met. HE LIVES and will never leave us. It's OUR choice to put distance between us&Him. And #BecauseHeLives we can come to know the mysteries of God, and see the eternal perspective which will help us accomplish the greatest happiness of this life&the next.
Happy Easter:) may we all come to strengthen our understanding of his resurrection and what that means to us. :)

Thank you for your example. I seriously love&pray for all of you!!!!!!!

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